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  1. just dyna it...=.=
  2. lemme know if your still buying creds...thanks
  3. i went to help desk and asked on of the GM(i forgot who), he/she told me that people have filed a report regarding the premium pet food drop rate is bugged. He/She also said that they acknowledged the bug and would be fixing it. This issue happen right after the bubble gum abuse case. And has yet to be fixed till this day, move or delete this post if you find it inappropriate as the GM said it doesn't harm to 'remind' them. So here I am sorta reminding or doing a follow up...cheers
  4. bump
  5. Honestly if you've been here for more than 8 years, you wouldn't be thinking of doing so much. There's just too much going on that your not really seeing. GMs would gladly listen to you, but admin and the owner of this server simply wont waste their time on this anymore...whens the last time u see Syphon interacting with players? He does visit the server very often back then, not now anymore. He also mentioned a phrase back then to some certain player i happened to jus pass by that town "Syphon: If you're not happy, leave this server",The server has change so much whereas trash talk IS A TREND. How positive do you want me to be after seeing all these things?Theres just way too much to list down. I pretty much jus login afk chat then logout, no more play time...jus chatting. *Feel Free to remove this post, this is just the truth, keep covering up*
  6. If day 24 to 31 were to change or nerfed, i assure you, server will go even worst...I'd put my money on that.
  7. theres one reason to the 4c bca, Stupid Rush Seller and LowBaller, these two combine = RIP price
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  10. Sorry i bought the HWC already...but thanks~
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  12. Hi

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