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  1. how much for the bryn
  2. donate before it opens. However the counter hasn't been reset for a long long time. Unless GM's reset it you cant donate.
  3. 5c + 10 gym pass boxes got ws? Card
  4. Personally I think end game is having good gear for battlegrounds. To have such gear involves having different sets which most likely will involve Melanis enchants (PVE). /
  5. How much for the Poring sword (GM)?
  6. Any idea when the counter for donates for biolab 4 will be reset? I have been waiting to get antiques for quite a while and I'm unable to do so (and also biolab 4 equip). If biolab 4 is unable to be opened, can there be an box that accepts credits for antiques?
  7. by any and all amounts of bloody branches. Leave in game name. Will PM to negotiate price per BB. More bloody branch, will pay more. thanks
  8. Well I guess I'll just finish the quest first and then see if I am able to donate. So if I am able to donate and get enough credits to purchase an antique, will it still level up? According to to networker leveling up antiques is bugged?
  9. I don't understand how that answers the question.
  10. Hi, Biolab 4 opened about a month ago...I was wondering if the donations for premium points and zeny reset after that. The person still says he has a lot of zeny and points in reserves (dunno if it's just a sprite bug). I'm wondering because I didn't want to donate the money to him unless he would give me a ticket. Thanks in advance
  11. Can I buy 20 poised cloak and a SRreflect5 That should be like what 30 mil? pm me struggles, oh oops, dengsha. Can we try to meet up tomorrow? What time is good for you
  12. So the description says if you invest over 20 points in any of the trees you get an additional bonus. According to my count, there are only 20 points to invest in...so it's impossible to get the "power" bonus. Am i correct?
  13. So any updates on melanis guide? What drops from what, drop rates, etc.?
  14. So the life steal transfers to MH but not attack percent bonus? what does iirc mean btw