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  1. B> Oni Horns L/N/O here
  2. what does the winged headphones look like?
  3. Since forums aren't popping, random thoughts and ideas to rework cards / card ideas - all for fun of course Frigid Gazeti Card Cost: 1k points Chance to cast level 1 chain lightning on auto attack. Equipped on Weapon or Accesory Frigid Titan Card ?? ?? ?? Salacia's Card Cost: 20k points ?? ??
  4. rachel dungeon doens't require quest. Kiel does. iirc
  5. +10 valk manteau how much? PM : derping IGN
  6. Loki! More players = better
  7. 7c Tidung?
  8. What class are you?
  9. How much For Lresist5?
  10. I'll buy EPC. Pm derping
  11. Is there a reason why Wolfchev gear is bind on account? Why can't it be bind on equip, or tradeable like gear in Cedi. The barrier of entry to do wolfchev is really high. All the pros have their little circles and just run it in a very tight circle not allowing others to join. Making equip sellable and tradeable would help noobies get gears that they would otherwise never be able to get.
  12. 7k fluffs via legit clicking / buying got four eggs from those eggs got 150 fluff and 1 hat. Conclusion: troll event
  13. I don't think it's a bugged? But I wouldn't know I didn't fight a level 50 heaves drive Mvp
  14. Can anyone shed some light on how to do wolfchev? I know the first room password is the names of the newer biolab4 mobs i.e "Gertie" or "Randel" or "Flamel" etc. i don't understand the room with the biolab mvp in the center and the room with all the leavers.
  15. FYI, for defense, multiplying is worse than adding. If you are taking 1000 damage and you have 10% demi resist and 30% normal resist your damage taken will be 1000 x .9 x .7 = 630 If you swapped your toaster card with thara frog, giving you 40% demi resist you would take 1000 x .6 = 600 which is less damage So with the equip posted in the original post, you would have a thara frog card to take less damage (you have 10% demi resist from hat, 10% normal resist from orbs, but another 10% demi resist from combat knife). Always ADD resist to whatever is higher. Cheers