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  1. this would be useable on those maps that angra is NOT top floors or bottom floors of dungeons besides this is supose to be the Math = of angra
  2. thor has third jobs , but you won't find as much help on thor in leveling or other areas , it is supose to be closer to IRO it seems but by that it is Harder. a quick list of changes ive seen @storage does not work @autoloot does not work , however @aloot>ID> and @aloot rate(s)>ID< work the b/j exp is 200 times but the card drop is ether the same as or lower on thor then loki. there is no mall that i could find. not sure of any other changes besides cards. Equiptment Cards are basicly nerfed on thor for the most part as are qeapons and armours' etc with few exseptions. i got the feeling that thor was like ... here hes a higher rate with those third jobs no one likes have a bad/hard time playing it and let it convince you to come back to loki Lol..... i personaly wanted third jobs also but id rather have all the npc's loki has. if i wanted it to be Harder i would play a super low rate like IRO and i do from time to time lol.. all in all it is thier server though and they do with it what they want. ill leave my comment with this, i started loki becuase of a friend and without Allot of convincing and crying from them i stayed otherwise i would have left for a slightly higher server for drops and exp. that being said i do like loki alot and thats why ive donated over 100$ now but i would have spent that same hundread on thor instead had things not been as they are. i personaly hate killing 2k loli ruris to get 1 card.
  3. alright so no one likes the idea of a money sink, but a good money sink can mean the difference between paying 200 million and 20 million over time i least. below i will list a few groups of items i would love to see as rental , some we may know already from IRO and some we may not. i would also sugg marking these as non woe / pvp as they will be flashy items not ment for pvp, gotta give some incentive to rent them. below is a detailed what i would do if i were able. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Refined Fireblend - the normal fire blend has a 10% chance to cast level 3 where as the Refined has a 10% chance to cast level 5 i would remake this item into such. Fire Brand Sword item level 4 any job unbreakable even in upgrade attempts but only refillable Via Vivian lance in Iz_dun02 1-> 4 slots base attack 50 effect Enable use of Fire Bolt 5 Add a 5% chance to add burning on hit to enemy's ========================================== when compounded with Ice Brand add a 10% chance to cast Frost Driver - level 5 add a 10% chance to cast Jupiter Thunder - level 5 ========================================== the above item and it's counterpart Ice Brand are available only through the rental NPC in prontara it will cost you 2m*(base level+job level) the rental term is 1 month. Vivian Lance will upgrade the fire/ice brand for a fee she will refusing to talk with you unless your above level 200 she will ask you assuming your 200+ if you would like some of the under the counter stuff? at this time you will be given the option to buy/refine first time the rental item you rented in prontara. the first is the same as when you rented it 2m*(base level+job level) each refine adds 25 atk 25 matk 1 auto spell level "post" level 5 refine each refine adds 50 matk and 25 atk but no addition to auto spell. if paired with ice brand then set attack of this weapon to 1 and instead add 100 matk/refine if this weapon is max refine 10/10 then add 1500 matk instead. you will lose any cards compounded so remove them first. the reason an item like this is only possible by making a new item to reflect the changed states and trading you that new weapon instead. final weapon stats at refine 10 would be like this Fire Brand +10 Attack 300 Weight 50 Applicable Jobs - All Jobs Description Item Script Enables use of level 5 Fire Bolt. add a 9% chance to cast Fire Bolt level 5 when attacking. if compounded with Ice Brand then... set weapon attack value to 1 +100 matk/refine +1500 math at level 10 refine instead. Enables use of Level 9 Fire Bolt , Ice Bolt , Lightning Bolt, Enables use of level 6 Fire Wall , Jupiter Thunder , Frost Driver. Enables use of level 3 Meteor Storm , Lord of Vermilion , Storm Gust. Add a 9% chance to auto cast one of the following when attacking an enemy. Fire Bolt , Ice Bolt , Lightning Bolt. Add a 6% chance to auto cast one of the following when attacking an enemy. Frost Driver , Jupiter Thunder , Fire Wall Add a 3% chance to auto cast one of the following when attacking an enemy. Meteor Storm , Lord of Vermilion , Storm Gust. Unbreakable , Strip-ble not usable during WOE or PVP or MVP room. Cannot be used while fighting Cedi bosses you may not drop or trade or @gstorage or @storage or sell Via online market you may store this item Via Character storage in @go 16 Dropped By - N/A Buy-able From - Vivian Lance Obtainable From - Vivian Lance the reason i posted this was for a money sink i would pay for if i could. this would cost well over 2 billion + to max out one of them and possible 5b plus for both.
  4. this is a post for 1 a new item 2 a new quest 3 a new job'ish 4 ideas Fell Sword [0] [One-Handed] Item ID# 78800 (Fsword1) Type Weapon Class One-handed Sword Buy 20z Sell 10z Weight 250 Attack 100 Required Lvl 100 Weapon Lvl 4 Slot 4 Refineable No Not after Creation. Applicable Jobs All Jobs Description A Knight sword given to those who wish to complete the Dark Knight Job Quest. Item Script Obtained from Dead Squires Spirit in nefilhiem. Dropped By No Result NPC = Forgotten Spirit Spite = Keedz dupelicate. location (300, 50) Quest = A Failed Quest for a new generation. gather the souls of the dead in the adjacent map kill 1000 Loli-Ruri kill 500 Bloody Murderer kill 100 Lude Collect "quest item" 1 - 1000 Dead Branch"Q" 2 - 10 Golden Branch"Q" during the quest branch with for map 02/01 have an altered drop rate of 10% for normal dead branch - golden Branches are Available from the the golden kettle located in one of the houses in niefilhiem. you make them by trading 100 dead branches & 100,000 zeny each or 1 Bloody branch & 10,000,000 zeny each you can also use this to make used iron ingots + 200,000 zeny into a gold ingot. if the quest is active the item "bloody Branch" will summon a hoard of 25 loli-ruri and 25 bloody murderer's in aggressive stance around you. these mobs will have a modified 100% chance to drop 1 dead branch each the buble gum effect will double while on this map when bloody branch is used for the duration of the summoning but if you leave the map it will cancel. if the quest is active the item"dead branch"Q" will have a 100% chance to spawn 1 random normal dead branch mob & 1 loli-ruri + bloody murderer. with a modified 20% greater chance to drop dead branch. monsters that normally drop no dead branch have a 20% chance monsters with a 35% chance gain 7% chance greater "20% more then normal" the NPC in nefihiem that creates dead branches now Sells them outright also for 1,000 * base level each. these act the same as dead branch but may not be drops stores or transferred between characters but can be sold to an npc for price * 0.33% rounded Down. these branches are the same ones you would get from the above monster drops as listed. Quest Reward for completion is access to custom fell knight job class in the form of a ticket redeemable from the Keedz npc in niefilhiem . a prompt will ask you to confirm , this is a 1 job thing and you will be given as many skill points as you already have for your current job and will be unable to gather more unless more dead spirit quests are forfilled. each more harder then the last and giving 1 skill point each. the job is un-useable in WOE or PVP and may NOT enter MVP room. attack speed is locked at 165 1 str = 2 atk & 1 matk + 0.5% atk/matk 1 agi = 1 flee 1 vit = 1 soft def 1 dex = 1 hit every 10 points adds 1% atk / math atk 1 int = 1 atk & 2 matk + 0.5% atk/matk 1 mdef 1 luk = every 5 adds 1 attack speed every 25 converts 5% of your soft defense into hard defense. at stat 250 = 50% conversion current soft def-> hard defense. Job Class Details weapons = one handed sword , two handed sword , one handed mace , two handed mace , super novice stuff skills ============================================== * one handed master 1-10 - each level adds 5 weapon attack while using a one handed weapon. 1% chance to drain 10% of damage dealt while atttacking ============================================== * two handed master 1-10 - each level adds 10 weapon attack while using a two handed weapon. 2% chance to drain 10% of damage dealt while atttacking ============================================== Fell Shield 1-10 Requires Shield level 1 adds Jlvl/40% chance to reflect jlvl/40% pdmg/mdmg. max level allows for 30% chance 30% Reflect Amount. ============================================== Spirit Weapon 1-10 Endow Weapon with Lost Hope each attack has a 10% chance to change it's element to 1 of the following from left to right each level unlocks 1 more property to gain a random roll including posion you would have to have level 6 each attack would have a 60% chance to roll and a 1/6 chance for posion. Neutral Water Earth Fire Wind Poison Holy Shadow Ghost Undead ============================================================= Absorb Soul 1-10 each level adds 10%*Slvl chance on hit to absorb 1+(1/10 Jlvl)% damage dealt as hp each level adds 10%*Slvl chance on hit to absorb 1+(1/10 Jlvl)% damage dealt as sp maxed out at 100% chance for 22% of damage dealt as hp and sp. "IE.. damage out = 100 / absorb = 22 HP / 22 SP this effect will work with reflected damage as you are the source of that damage this is a work in progress, changes will come. the concept is about slowing combat down into more of a controllable nature no matter the target it will be more relaxed game play. with deep thought required. i want to think of a holy knight type job for the reverse i thought about adding job = ghost element standard with 100% absorb then adding holy knight element = holy with 100% absorb but then i thought that was broken so i thought about how about resistance to the opposite job? holy knight takes 50% less damage from fell knight? from all sources? and visa versa? the other idea was to add this as a alternate super novice. let me know what you guys think. - keep flames to yourself ... ask yourself am i being very biast in what i am writing? - ask yourself am i in anyway interested in helping with this idea and if so is what i am saying in the comments below going to help or is my aim to A: be a grammer notzy B: troll someone. if you answered yourself as a troll or a gramer notzy please do not post anywhere near this page. thinking this in delpth is hard for me and i am not good at spelling so keep it to yourself this took effort for me. that being said i would love advice , ideas or sugg's.
  5. seems i could not find any help for this the event planning and it did not happen. i will work toward a less complicated event for the future.
  6. we at RE:Monster would like to invite you to a gathering at the hidden dungeon on the first of May at 11AM - 4PM central time on may first. we at RE:Monster would also invite anyone with good intent and a need to see smiles on faces to help organize this event. the event will consist of both normal summon branches with a raid boss type mvp at the end. - finishing hit - Most damage dealt - First to die gets - Most deaths gets - Most mvp kills gets - Most healing dealt Finally after the boss is dead a Random name from among those who fraught and killed or died to the last boss " made it there" will get a +30 all stats random headgear. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ all items BB's prizes etc. paid for by RE:MONSTER Guild we are not to be held liable for loss of EXP. we will not be held liable for loss of items including but not limited to weapons,Armour that are broken during the event. you must show up at least a half hour before hand so you can register. registration will take place in game and on site at hidden dungeon floor 2 not 3. final boss will be on floor two and a announcement will be made when the final BB's have been used and killed. then the final MVP will spawn on the other side off the bridge. everyone will be given a countdown and when the buzzer go off run for that big baddie and give him a spanking. all prizes are 100 PP save the last one Finish him for 200.