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      Having issues figuring out how to login? It's actually very simple and only takes a few minutes! Just follow these steps: Go to your Account CP on rebirthro.com Find the character whose name you want to use as a display name on the forum Click on "Actions" Click on "Set as forum display name" You can now login on the forum with either your email address or display (character) name, and your in-game password! That's all there is to it! See, simple! If you are having issues getting into the forums you can contact us on support.rebirthro.com -- you also login there with your in game username/password. If you can't register for some reason or are unable to login, email us at this address for assistance (use an email associated with the account you are having issues with if you can -- obviously if you can't register this doesn't apply).


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  1. Yea I noticed that hehehe after many attempts I was able to log in
  2. Am I the only one that can not log in on the server? After I select my char I wait like 5 seconds then it gave me the Disconnected From Server message. I already patched the game and also I "fix location" on my chars but nothing.
  3. GM application sent!
  4. Don't worry I found the NPC in Izlude =) thanks
  5. Hey I just wondering where I can buy the handguns, I tried to look for the "normal" NPCs but I couldn't find them and the vending machines that are in Prontera sales them but for a really high price and level 99 requirement (btw I am level10 only), can anyone guide me where I can find them?