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  1. I think he was being sarcastic.
  2. Welp, the Supreme Leader has spoken. Y'all need to be sent to the Re-education Camp.
  3. This thread, if not ignored by admin will be deleted. A lot of people have the same concerns about the event. Yet, IF you get a reply, you'd be lucky if it's even remotely related to the topic. Seriously, there's no question why a lot of players just choose to leave the server.
  4. So per day or 5000 for the entire duration of the event?
  5. Thank you so much for your wonderful response.
  6. It's in manner.txt but it's not disallowed
  7. I understand the need for chat filters. It's against the server's interest to advertise other servers, so among the phrases we cannot say in-game are some of the most popular servers. Also, it's clear that there are phrases we shouldn't be allowed to say as they are plain racist. However, it's kind of unfair not to be able to say some of these are expressions a lot of us use often. "heal pls" - this is an MMORPG, therefore there would be lots of situations where one would have to use that phrase. begging for items and zenies, would puzzle newcomers to the server but I get that it could be annoying. any derivative of "putangina" - it's in Filipino, literally meaning a whore mother. It is basically used the same way as "fuck" and "shit", which are allowed in public chat. "ragnaok" - apparently, another private server but also a typo of Ragnarok "talon" - I know there's a TalonRO, but talon also means jump in Filipino One of the leaders of MD has a character named Heal Pls and it's ridiculous how we got muted by calling out his name in WoE. As for the different variants of "putangina", if we cannot say that, then for the sake of fairness, ban curse words in other languages as well. fuck and shit are in manner.txt yeah, but saying those words won't get one muted. Meaning, filters are either done on the server side, or the txt file is not referencing the current list of chat filters. \RebirthRO\data\manner.txt rebirthro suck rebirth suck gms suck gm suck ancyker suck upstanding black citizen upstanding black citizen n igger n igga niggg ni gger ni gga nig ger nig ga nigg er nigg a nigge r n i g g e r n i g g pinoy scam tangina tang ina putang event pl heal pls zeny pls item plz heal plz zeny plz item plz talonro talon ro forsaken-ro forsaken ro forsakenro dreamerro dreamer ro fable-ragnarok fable ragnarok fable ro fablero ragnaok tervistro tervist ro avid-ro avid ro avidro xatiyaro xatiya ro inertiaro inertia ro extalia myro my ro. fuck f*ck fu*k fuc* shit s*it sh*t shi*
  8. yeah I know. I saw the demo on youtube it could be useful for chatting and vending stuff while away from your main PC.
  9. Wow. I never knew such an app existed... but in terms of usability, that would be mainly for low level PvE and AFK.
  10. Old computer.