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  1. For reference, the next time players can donate again... I simply typed "2000" in the dialog box for 20c and got four antiques.
  2. all i know is a lot of ninjas and high wizards cry when the opposing team has a linker
  3. Translation from Tagalog NotRobRob : ill buy NotRobRob : where are u? Not Nad : YOU FOOL Not Nad : HAHAHAHAHAHA NotRobRob : ? NotRobRob : are you selling? Not Nad : why do you care? Not Nad: FUCK U HAHAHAHA NotRobRob : Because I want to buy
  4. bump bump
  5. If one goes for hours on end without getting anything promised by your party leader, you're either a fool or a masochist. You can leave any time if you feel like the party leader is not holding up his end of the deal. Loot distribution should not only be after tier A. When I joined/created random parties, I made sure that everyone gets something from my run. Even if it's not what they asked for since what they ask for didn't drop. MCAs and other stuff of value are supposed to be given away. And those items are dirt cheap now. You can buy an armor within minutes of farming in Geffenia (fuck you to those who still think that Thanatos tower is more efficient). Also, this is an MMORPG. A part of the game is grinding, for loots and money... another huge part of it is the social aspect. You're supposed to talk to people and make friends to get help and advice from... to help and give advice to.
  6. That Death by Dice event looks so sad.
  7. Cheap Cedi items help newbies a lot. Before they became tradable, armors wings and rings cost 1c each. Now you can buy one for just 5m. And yes, I agree that there's a lot of BCAs and MVP cards now in the server and I think something has to be done about that. In just a few months, its price has gone from what 7c to 4c. (It still pains to think that they used to cost 25-30c when I started) Tbh, I dont even do cedi anymore but I still get points if i have random cards in my storage that i could turn in to Marvin... but most of the points I get are from Eden rewards. I think this is the reason why a lot of people still log in and afk 5 accounts at a time. I mean, it's basically free BCA for just sitting around.
  8. If I recall correctly, loot system was changed because the time out to loot after every round is too long. If you have one set, and 3 minutes of waiting after every round, you'd have to waste 24 minutes just between tier Ds alone. And as far as I know, even people who dont regularly do Cedi don't do it one set at a time. For instance, I have a group of friends to do Cedi with, sometimes each of us has multiple sets. So that's quite a huge amount of time just waiting to be warped out. The upside of that system is that everybody can see what loots dropped and they have a fair chance of getting whatever it is they want from the party pool. Although most newbies would find it difficult to start, I think it's easier now than how we started since those items are cheap. If they want the items, they can just farm for zenies and buy from #trade or dont just join a random party. Join a guild and make friends. Start building bonds with other players and then organize your own runs. Only party with players you can trust.
  9. as a soul linker, if you have HWC, or is dealing large enough damage, i suggest just using Flamel Card since Gertie will strip off your equipment and Alphoccio and Trentini will occasionally break some of them. I tried bringing an FCP slave but it's too much work to go back to the entrance when my FCP expires or I gets dispelled by Tarot or die and just survive through Kaizel. I would also suggest to use a fine rod instead of fable rod. It deals status effects and when you silence Celia, soul burn won't bother you anymore. Same goes with other annoying skills.
  10. http://forums.rebirthro.com/topic/91956-how-to-farm-bio-f4-with-sl/
  11. I recently started playing clown. And while it's fun to be the one annoying players in the opposing team in battlegrounds and WoE, I feel like I'm still undergeared as a clown. So I'm asking for farming guides in guild dungeons and/or HoA, so I can purchase a few Ralph's Requinto and some other gears you'd recommend. Also, tips and tricks playing as a PvP/BG/WoE clown?
  12. csssqe