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  1. Updates on https://discord.gg/Hn9dGxy
  2. After about a week, hype for this headgear has died out.
  3. No, I said Poring Party is better. It deals more damage with my combination of gears and cards.
  4. For my gunslinger, I found Poring Party better in PvP.
  5. Maybe your system is infected because I see rebirthro.com just fine https://imgur.com/a/36JOP Also, this site is part of the rebirthro.com domain, so if FBI has taken down rebirthro.com, shouldn't forums be taken down as well?
  6. Calling Bishop Hibram Gunslinger Upper: Hyzo Hat [Dark Pinguicula/Duneyrr] Mid: Melody Notes/Music Ring/Jazz Ring [Dark Pinguicula/Duneyrr], or Golden Wings (preferably slotted) if you don't have one yet. Lower: Black/Orange tie Armor: Great Demon's Robe [Gloom] or Reset Girl's Robe [Bathory] Weapon: +10 Goblin Revolver [Orc Sniper, Orc Fighter] Garment: +9 Heroic Backpack [Wakwak (if you have high LUK)] or Great Demon's Shroud Shoes: any shoes with moonlight when searching for FBH. then switch to another pair with damage dealing card (OKC/Ascendant Orc) when you found him Accessories: Recondite Rings [Dex3, Random5(this one's not needed but is nice to have)] Bring enough silver bullets Panacea in case you got silenced or cursed Spam Desperado End
  7. I'm not against guild hopping. You're free to join whichever guild you like the same way guilds are free to invite or kick you out of their guild. I can't say I do it too since I don't WoE actively but I currently don't have loyalty to any guild. When I'm in the mood to WoE, I just join the guild that I think I'd have the most fun playing with. As for the guide, these are really useful, especially for someone like me who plays gunslinger too. However, I don't like the idea of having to rely so much on your own alt paladin and clown for Devotion and Bragi's Poem.
  8. For reference, the next time players can donate again... I simply typed "2000" in the dialog box for 20c and got four antiques.
  9. all i know is a lot of ninjas and high wizards cry when the opposing team has a linker
  10. Translation from Tagalog NotRobRob : ill buy NotRobRob : where are u? Not Nad : YOU FOOL Not Nad : HAHAHAHAHAHA NotRobRob : ? NotRobRob : are you selling? Not Nad : why do you care? Not Nad: FUCK U HAHAHAHA NotRobRob : Because I want to buy
  11. 12321
  12. bump bump