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  1. You can report it if you want to. Ultimately it's up to your guild leader.
  2. It's what you see if the site thinks you are Gravity or an affiliated company. Funny story, the page is real. It was what the FBI put up when they took down l2extreme (for tax evasion, not piracy). It's also one of the reasons we actually pay taxes, and that is one of the reasons the servers apparent income seems like more than it is (around half of all donations go to the Dutch government).
  3. This section is for buying or selling in real life items for in real life money. That means out of game stuff for out of game stuff. You cannot trade in game items or currency in this section, that's why it's under "Everything Else" The rules in this section are: No scamming One thread per person, just like the other trading post forums. Edit the post as needed. Bumping allowed once per 24 hours. Do not bump your post if it's still on the first page regardless of how long it's been since your last bump. Nothing illegal (under US laws or your own countries laws) Everything is at your own risk. We accept no liability. No asking for "gifts" when someone is paying you. If someone is asking you to send the money as a gift / "friends and family" they are scamming you. Don't fall for it. This section is intended for physical real-world stuff. Nothing virtual can be sold here, even stuff from other games or websites (no serials, game time codes, etc). You must list a starting price, no open offers (i.e. don't say "offer" or "ask me", you MUST state a price, even if you are buying) Stay safe. Remember that trusting someone in game with in game items is very different than trusting someone in the real world with real world stuff. Stick to the rules and don't be stupid.
  4. A new wedding NPC is now available on Loki (Thor and Eir after maintenance). Since the old one kept breaking I decided to make a new one that is significantly better. Here are the changes... Weddings are now held in an instance As the weddings are held in an instance, multiple weddings can take place at once (no more waiting!) You can PM Server "wedding" to get to the NPCs quickly. Wedding Planner - start a wedding Wedding Usher - attend a wedding There are multiple locations available, more to come soon! Prontera Church Jawaii Heart Hugel Church (outside) Lutie Cathedral Amatsu Cherry Tree Currently, there is only 1 ceremony type, but we'll be adding more later for different religions/customs/languages. Same sex marriage is allowed. The wedding ceremony does not start until you tell it too. This gives your friends plenty of time to show up! You no longer need the ring and other materials. It's now pure Zeny. The cost varies with the cheapest ceremony costing 15mil (10mil for Prontera Church and 5mil for a basic ceremony, the cost is based on map size). The server wide broadcast is optional. If selected it costs 5mil. You must say "I do" for the Standard ceremony (and likely other ceremonies too). You must trade the rings for the ceremony If you are disconnected during the ceremony it will pause. When you return click the NPC again to resume. Hope you enjoy it!
  5. Check now.
  6. Eir returns, likely with the following changes: Rates Exp: 5x (same) Drop: 3x (same) MVP Cards: 1x (lower) Premium Items Some will be somewhat stronger. Most will be permanent. The strongest items will be rental only. Quests, NPC's, & Regular Items Eir will get most of Loki's content, and will be more like Loki than before. Like in the proposed changes to Thor, the content for Eir will be rewritten to be more cohesive. Eir will also get the renewal instances, but with monsters and items adjusted for pre-re. The old data will not be kept. (Sorry, but apparently we don't have it anymore.)
  7. So let me start this off with a few things. First, I've recently switched from Windows to Linux Mint. As such I've spent some time getting RebirthRO working on Linux. I didn't need to modify RebirthRO to do it, however, it did require a few tweaks here and there to Wine. I'm not sure if the patcher works (it starts) because there are not patches available at this time. First, you'll need to install Linux. This should work under any Debian based Linux (Debian, Mint, Ubuntu, ...) out of the box. There might be changes needed for other flavors. Some steps may be different as well since I used Mint's GUI package manager. You can probably do this with OS X as well but you'll have to install Wine based on the instructions off the Wine website. Click Menu and open the "Software Manager" Search "wine" and find and install Wine and Winetricks Open a terminal and execute the following: winetricks corefonts d3dx10 \ d3dx9_26 d3dx9_28 d3dx9_31 d3dx9_35 d3dx9_36 d3dx9_39 d3dx9_42 d3dx9_43 d3dx9 directx9 \ mfc42 msvcirt vcrun2005 vcrun2008 vcrun2010 vcrun2012 vcrun2013 vcrun6sp6 vcrun6 It might take a bit. Some of these might not be needed, but I grabbed everything I thought might be. Click Menu and type wine, then Click Browse C Drive. (or open the C drive if you know where it is) Create a new folder called RebirthRO (or call it Games, then make a folder inside that called RebirthRO) Open the Games folder, right click and click Open in Terminal Enter the following into the terminal... wget http://rebirthro.com/files/rro_se_installer.sh chmod +x rro_se_installer.sh ./rro_se_installer.sh Note: This will download all the RebirthRO program files into a folder called "SE" inside the current working folder. It replaces the installer which does not work correctly under Wine. This also does not download any DLL's that we just installed because we'd have to delete them anyway. Saves a lot of steps. Note 2: Do not close this terminal window, we'll come back to it. Click Menu again, search for Wine and open the wine configuration (or type winecfg in the terminal). Check the "Emulate a virtual desktop" box and enter a desktop size supported by RO in the next step. In the terminal you left open enter the following cd SE wine cmd Setup.exe Note: The first 2 commands are into your terminal, the last command in the command prompt opened by the wine command. In this dialog set the resolution from earlier, make sure to uncheck restrict mouse window. The final step is to open the game. Type the following into the wine command prompt: "RebirthRO Patcher.exe" Note: The quotes are required because it has a space. The patcher should open. The news will be blank unless you've installed Internet Explorer. Don't worry about that, just click start. The game should open up. Enjoy! To open the game next time follow steps 4 and 12 or step 4 and find the SE folder and just click the EXE. I hope this helps!
  8. That's wrong. It does close the gap.
  9. This was fixed.
  10. http://blog.rebirthro.com/woe-barrier-of-entry-smithing/ Thor and Eir will be getting this as well.
  11. At this time we aren't certain of Eir's future, we're waiting to see how many people come back before we decide what the next steps are with it. If enough people come back it may be left as is.
  12. Hi

    Are you the Manda I know?
  13. NPCs are back
  14. Maintenance has finished. You will need to patch to be able to connect. New Reset NPC! Can save/load builds WITH skills. Up to 5 slots for free, you can buy additional slots for 100pp/each Once purchased they work just like the other 5 do 20 slots max Slots are character based You can PM "Reset" to load builds from almost anywhere (PM it anything for instructions). Note: Fees are still charged. Fees have changed. Loading a saved build is cheaper than a new reset. VIPs get half off. Decarder price went up. VIPs pay half price. There's now a small Zeny fee when getting nectars. VIPs get a 25% discount.
  15. The following things were changed in the last few maintenances as well as yesterday's emergency maintenance. You can now exchange Valentines Chocolates. Costumer added. The Costumer takes almost any custom item and makes it into a costume for 1,000pp. Cards in the item will be returned to you free of charge. Refinements and enchantments will be lost. If any items you trade cannot be turned into costumes the transaction will fail. You can trade many items at once. If any items cannot fit, i.e. due to too many cards, the excess items will be placed in web storage. Most of the resulting costumes can be traded. You can trade premium items, including seasonals and limited editions. Most event items can be traded too, but if there were costumes of those items available for the event and those costumes were not tradeable then the resulting costume will not be either. The following items now work (fixes part of #117) Eau de Minx Darkness Blooms Melanis Enchantments no longer stack (fixes #275) @gstorage now works correctly (fixes #271) Party leaders can now party members (fixes #227) Everblaze now works correctly (fixes #43) Okolnir Wish Maiden now only speaks with the guild leader (fixes #113) Black/Orange Tie now work correctly in non-donor areas (fixes #191) The Premium Item Exchanger should now work properly (fixes #144) Fishing in Payon Field 9 has been improved a bit (fixes #23) Vote point Succubus Eggs should now work properly (fixes #264) Variegated Vest now works properly (fixes #257)
  16. The forum filtered that, that's what it replaces that word with. You can't say it here either.
  17. Proposed changes to Thor are as follows... Rates Exp Rates: Raised to 200x Implemented Normal item drop rates: Raised to 20x Implemented MVP drop rates: Left at 10x Implemented Regular cards: Raised to 20x Implemented MVP cards: Left at 2x Implemented Premium Items Cash shop items will have their power increased to be more like they were on Tyr. Maybe slightly better. Some non-rentals will be added. The strongest items will remain rental only. 100 Point Coins will be added until the system which lets items be sold for points is done. NPC's, Quests, & Regular Items Thor will slowly get a lot of Loki's custom content (as in quests), but it will be modified to be more cohesive. Thor will slowly get the official renewal instances, but with modified (better) rewards.
  18. We're having some issues deciding the order things should be implemented in, so I made a poll listing everything in the todo list. Let us know
  19. Stacking Melanis Enchantments that boost resists to anything, or that improperly stack, is now considered an exploit. Use of it in WoE is subject to a 2-week ban and removal of the items with no reimbursement given. GMs will be randomly checking during WoE. This includes, but is not limited to, the following enchantments: Hard Scale Prophetic Hand Mirror Shard Elektor Feeler Abyssal Ringmail Sacramental Water Wanted Poster Sacred Nappy Cracked Orc Helm You are considered abusing an exploit when you equip 2 or more of the same enchantments at the same time. Staff reserves the right to remove castle ownership, castle treasure, and any other rewards gained from abuse of said exploits, regardless of if the person with the rewards directly used the exploit or not. (That means if a guild takes a castle and multiple members are abusing, we will take the castle and any rewards obtained)
  20. Comments on the WoE Barrier of Entry & Power Creep: Introducing Advanced Smithing & Durability blog entry.
  21. You don't need a token, just use points directly. Tokens mainly exist so you can trade them (the box) as a gift to a friend, there's also a slight discount.
  22. I haven't started any forum games/activities, so thought I'd start one... post a screenshot of your desktop.
  23. Someone needs kmspico
  24. A live fix/hotfix/mini-maintenance was conducted (changes were made but the server didn't restart). The following things were changed: Hat Roulette Mode 1: Now has a chance to give a permanent costume. Mode 3: Chance for permanent costume increased. This is the mode you should use if you want a permanent costume and don't care about the rentals. Platinum VIP once again includes Boarding Halter/Halter Lead (cash mounts).
  25. The god items quest should only be done once per run/instance, that's 1 in total, not 1 per person, but 1 total. It is now officially considered an exploit to obtain more than 1 god item per instance via any means when doing the god items quest. Anyone found to be breaking this rule after this post will be permanently banned. A fix is in the works and will be applied soon. All god items obtained prior to the fix application will be made forever account bound regardless of how they were obtained. You may use this time to return any borrowed items back to their original owners or make any sales you wish to make.