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  1. Ah. Reduces memory usage. Use @autoloot
  2. Proposed changes to Thor are as follows... Rates Exp Rates: Raised to 200x Normal item drop rates: Raised to 20x MVP drop rates: Left at 10x Regular cards: Raised to 20x MVP cards: Left at 2x Premium Items Cash shop items will have their power increased to be more like they were on Tyr. Maybe slightly better. Some non-rentals will be added. The strongest items will remain rental only. 100 Point Coins will be added until the system which lets items be sold for points is done. NPC's, Quests, & Regular Items Thor will slowly get a lot of Loki's custom content (as in quests), but it will be modified to be more cohesive. Thor will slowly get the official renewal instances, but with modified (better) rewards.
  3. Drops were increased, not reduced.
  4. The rates portion of this has been implemented.
  5. All Servers Valentines event added! Valentines donates added! Bowman Scroll 3 is now a usable item (fixes #44) Warm Wind no longer persists through equipment changes (fixes #73) Bandit pet effect has been corrected (fixes #2) Reduced the afk range for izlu2dun and prt_fild11 (fixes #24) Mutti Fisch and Aquahorse added to fishing list (fixes #28) Donor Yggdrasil Berries no longer work in PVP (fixes #222) Succubus pet effect has been corrected (fixes #219) Thor Base experience rate raised to 200x Job experience rate raised to 200x Drop rate raised to 20x Card rate raised to 20x (Note: MVP card rate is still 2x) MVP HP rate raised by 25% Dropped items now only last for 20 seconds before vanishing (was 30 seconds)
  6. @Jackie is the cause of that one.
  7. If I changed anything it'd be to make it server wide. HoA is supposed to be hard and require teamwork. You're supposed to have to fight other guilds. Sounds to me that it's working just fine as it is.
  8. If you don't want to be ks'd, just kill them. If you can't kill them, get some friends to help. If you don't have friends go make some. If you're too lazy to make friends maybe you should reconsider your decision to play a massively multiplayer game.
  9. I like some of the stuff he did, but some of it I didn't. Most of what I didn't like he didn't manage to get done so whatever. Most of what he tried to do was stopped by Congress. A lot of media outlets spin his shortcomings as his fault but he was a Democrat with a mostly Republican Congress. It doesn't matter much who you are, if you are party A as president and Congress is mostly party B you will get little done.
  10. Demonstration Can now be cast on the same cell that a player is standing on (fixes #194) Backslide is now working properly (fixes #61) Jupitel Thunder after cast delay has been fixed (fixes #134) Packing master has been fixed (fixes #179) Airship spawn point has been fixed (fixes #159) Misc description errors has been fixed (fixes #11 -- will be patched in later) Fluttering blossom costume now working properly (fixes #6) Poring Blacksmith Card is now working properly (fixes #116) Mirror Shard is now working as intended (fixes #30) Back-end changes.
  11. Comments on The Logic Behind Donating blog entry.
  12. Eir returns, likely with the following changes: Rates Exp: 5x (same) Drop: 3x (same) MVP Cards: 1x (lower) Premium Items Some will be somewhat stronger. Most will be permanent. The strongest items will be rental only. Quests, NPC's, & Regular Items Eir will get most of Loki's content, and will be more like Loki than before. Like in the proposed changes to Thor, the content for Eir will be rewritten to be more cohesive. Eir will also get the renewal instances, but with monsters and items adjusted for pre-re. The old data will not be kept. (Sorry, but apparently we don't have it anymore.)
  13. Maintenance has concluded. All Servers Hatred should now have the correct monster ID after relogging. (fixes #123) Loki Drooping Metal Dragon Effect has been adjusted. (fixes #147) Eden Safe refiner now requires Piece of Paradise as intended. (fixes #177) Shrine maiden hat effect adjusted. (fixes #16) Cash Shop Yggdrasil Berries no longer work in PVP. (fixes #50) Rainbow Oct now only drops Rainbow Twizzlers when killing boss types. (fixes #183) Rainbow Twizzlers now have a cooldown for use. Seiyablem NPC now charges the correct amount of zeny to slot Seiyablem's Stiletto. (5 million zeny per slot instead of 50 million) Brandish Spear atk% modifier changed from 600% to 400%. (fixes #95) Implosion card effect adjusted slightly. Heal skill is no longer affected by bragi. Elektor Feeler now casts decrease agility properly on enemies, instead of self. Some cards/items have had their descriptions updated. Christmas 2016 event items now have effects. Wing Scarf (all colors): 7% physical damage to all races. Teddy Bear Ear Muffs: 5% more exp gained when an Undead monster is killed. 10% more physical/magical damage against small mobs.
  14. There is now a Sale of the Day feature on the website. Every day a random item will be selected and placed on sale. If you are online this item will be sent to your inventory, otherwise it will be sent to your web storage. The item changing is automated and it will not select an item it already put on sale within the last 30 days. Note: If "Buy Now" does nothing try refreshing the page. If it still doesn't work try clearing your cache. Note 2: GM's cannot bring back a sale item. If you miss it, you miss it. It doesn't matter why you missed it.
  15. Thor gonna be getting some major updates this year, good time to return.
  16. There's a video tutorial on the announcement post now. Also the crafting items have been added.
  17. Yeah, had you tried moving the entire stack to an offline character it'd have been broken in game because you can't stack equipment. This might be a feature in the future but for right now it's not. lol
  18. It wasn't supposed to be doing that, and that is now fixed. Important: Move those to an online character so the stack is properly split, after that you can move them back. If you don't do this you might actually lose the extra items.
  19. Welcome to the belated Christmas website maintenance announcement! I'm your host for this evening. Today we cover 2 additions to the website. Lets start with the smallest... there is now an in game notification when your donation is processed. This is mostly useful for when you used a delayed payment method (such as a bank account), or your order was delayed for fraud checking. And now for the big one. The new Market 2.0 is finished and live! It sports features that the older market lacked, and is significantly easier to use. The market brokers fees are no longer based on duration, so you can set any duration you wish. The market UI itself has been greatly improved and order fulfillment should feel significantly more natural. Let me know if you find any bugs. Enjoy. ------------- Update: 2016-12-30 Here's a tutorial for the Market for those having issues:
  20. Later today or tomorrow
  21. Maintenance - Christmas 2016 Christmas event added (Thor gets it later) Christmas limited edition cash shop items added Reflect shield now works on devoed people (fixes #105) Emergency call and other skills can no longer be cast while walking (fixes #125, #132) New Loyal Player reward tier added. Music Ring can now be recolored (both stat version and costume version). Vending tax is now 10% Note: Web site maintenance will be later today or tomorrow. A technical issue with Thor is preventing it from starting. It will be available again later today. Thor is up. Christmas Event Santa needs your help! The Grinch attacked Santa's Toy Factory earlier today and caused absolute chaos. He's now WAY behind on his deliveries and needs your help to catch up and save Christmas! Visit Christmas Helper to help out! She's inside the same building as Santa in Lutie. --> /navi xmas 149/237 <--
  22. Power creep is a major issue with Loki. The biggest problem with Loki is each administration after the first time I was admin tried to prove they were "better" and in doing so offered new rewards to completely obsolete anything I added. Then, the next administration did the same, trying to prove they were "better" than the previous; and so on. The stuff I added is worthless, even the removed-because-they-were-insanely-op legendary sets are meek by today's standards. Ramsey added stuff that had more stats than what I added, and then Lilalyn did the same. More recently, Luxuri attempted that as well, though to a lesser extent (because he knew how bad power creep was). I've been trying to avoid power creep in items, but at this point on Loki there's so many items that abuse effects (adding 5 or more effects) that it's hard to make some new combination that's useful without being directly better than everything similar to it. On Thor, the plan is to rebalance all this content from Loki and make it all inline with each other. So items from Cedi and RDC are at least close enough that even if one is better, the difference is small (and "better" would require the entire set, for instance). That means you're going to be seeing less giant lists of stats on items, contrasting Thor and Loki. An item that does 7 things on Loki would do 2 or 3 on Thor, and likely one of those things would be considered negative (more like official items such as HP- and SP+, etc, trading one stat for another). That said, Thor is finally getting brought up to speed next maintenance. From here on you're going to start seeing changes to Thor, the first of which is just bringing it up to speed with the large Hercules merge that Loki got. In the new year you'll start seeing the changes proposed in this thread being added. I don't want to just drop a bunch of new stuff in at once. Instead, everything will be added slowly so that we can see the effect of these changes and adjust them as needed. The issue with what Luxuri was doing was that when you add lots of stuff at once and people get upset and quit or the balance of power changes it's not always straight forward why something happened. Often people themselves don't even know what they don't like, or what they think is upsetting them isn't actually what's upsetting them. Psychology is a complex beast, as such we'll be taking our time here. We're also opening a third server once again, so focus will be split a bit but the new server actually is fairly light weight compared to Loki/Thor so shouldn't take too much time. That too won't be opening until we are in the new year.
  23. Just a reminder, I already said no to this. Everyone (both sides of this) is wasting their time. To those for the nerfs: Unless you are bringing new information, it's not happening. To those against the nerfs: Unless you see someone bring up something new, don't waste your time replying to them. If you want to discuss ranged, start a new thread for it. For those unsure what's going on here, contrary to what some may think, you can change my mind on stuff and convince me to do stuff. However, you'll only do that if you make a convincing argument. The people you see whining that I ignored them did not fulfill that requirement. They were like the people in this thread "wah wah LK killed me a bunch of times, nerf plx" and I said no. So now they run around saying "BDO doesn't take player suggestions!" There are people that took the time to explain something they wanted through logic and reason and got a change made, but you need to bring facts to the table, not opinions, if you want a real shot at getting a change made. With an opinion, well, 50/50 shot at best. I weigh all changes on 2 main factors. The first of which is: Is the change aligned with Rebirth's best interests or at least not against them? A change asking for points or donates to be questable obviously isn't. Asking for a new quest to be tweaked or something is a bit more grey area. On the other hand a change to say dancers that would make them more popular to play might be welcomed, as that might attract people wanting to play that class to the server that otherwise wouldn't play. The second is: Is the change necessary? If a change isn't needed, there's no point in doing it. People are naturally afraid of change. There's a popular saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." You need to establish the problem before you can propose a solution. Such as, "Dancers are not played as anything more than alts. I suggest we do .... to make people want to play them." State something you see as a problem, maybe explain why that's a problem if it's not obvious, then propose your solution. It's gotten to the point where a few people asked for things without justifying them and got turned down so now everyone just assumes I won't do something people request. Do remember that battle reports came about because of a players suggestion, same for the PVP ladder. While I didn't do their ideas exactly (they just suggested a history), their suggestions turned into features that many of you use quite often. Don't be afraid to suggest something, be it a change or something new entirely. The worst that can happen is I say no, and if I do so what? At least you had a chance at making a change. If you don't say anything it pretty much definitely won't happen (unless someone else suggests it or I do it on my own, obviously).