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  2. I have some questions, how does clown perform in term of pvp playing a role of a killer in this server? Do they deal great damage? As I can see they cannot spam Arrow Vulcan that much so what is the other alternative skill to use to kill someone? If they can do great damages, what are the suggested equipments assuming that I have the money. Thank you
  3. Map1 Hyegun Drain Flame skull Gibbet Marionette 2 Skel Loli Dullahan Doppel Hyzo Mummy Jakk Ghostring Bathory Nightmare Zombie Raydric Evil Ancient mummy 3 Whisper Fan Lude Quve Knight 5/14/5
  4. October 22, 2017 Ratio 5 / 14 / 5 Map 1 Town Marionette, Flame Skull, Gibbet, Hyegun, Drainliar. Map 2 Ghostring, Zombie, Nightmare, Bathory, Evil Druid, Doppelganger, Jakk, Hyzo, Loli Ruri, Dullahan, Mummy, Raydric, Ancient Mummy, Skel Prisoner. Map 3 Lude, Knight, Quve, Whisper, Familiar
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  6. Pc>Moonlight Flower Egg
  7. October 21, 2017 Ratio 7 / 13 / 4 Map 1 Town Doppelganger, Jakk, Knight, Dullahan, Drainliar, Mummy, Quve Map 2 Ghostring, Lude, Zombie, Nightmare, Bathory, Evil Druid, Marionette, Flame Skull, Hyzo, Whisper, Familiar, Loli Ruri, Gibbet Map 3 Ancient Mummy, Hyegun, Raydric, Skel Prisoner
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  9. October 20, 2017 Ratio 12 / 10 / 2 Map 1 Town Doppelganger, Gibbet, Skeleton Prisoner, Marionette, Flame Skull, Ancient Mummy, Hyegun, Mummy, Raydric, Whisper, Familiar, Quve Map 2 Ghostring, Nightmare, Bathory, Evil Druid, Dullahan, Hyzo, Jakk, Knight, Loli Ruri, Drainliar Map 3 Lude, Zombie
  10. October 19, 2017 (maybe they just reset the mobs) Map 1 (8) dullahan, flame skull, familiar, mummy, marionette, evil druid, bathory, lude Map 2 (9) zombie, ancient mummy, gibbet, knight, doppel, skel-pris, whisper, hyegun, dullahan Map 3 (7, but i saw someone's chat on #main that there are 10 holloween mob, maybe I just can't find the other 3) drainliar, rydric, ghostring, loli ruri, nightma, hyzo, quve
  11. Hey, I just recently got back into playing the game after months of quitting. I have a crud ton of cards and items that I am trying to find the price for in order to sell to gear up my Gunslinger. Please PC these for me. Willow Card Steel Chonchon Card Andre Card Yoyo Card Elder Willow Card Abysmal Knight Card Osiris Card Dragon Fly Card Vagabond Wolf Card Owl Duke Card Orc Lady Card Eclipse Card Zipper Bear Card Chepet Card Choco Card Chimera Card Laurell Weinder Card Gemini S-58 Card Death Word Card Sword Guardian Card Dark Pinguicula Card Cowring Card Amistr Card Vanilmirth Card Experimental Lif's Card Experimental Vanilmirth's Card Pharoah Card +6 Gramr Neko Mimi +7 Valkyrian Shoes +10 Alligator Leather Breast +10 Alligator Leather Cloak +10 Alligator Leather Hat +9 Alligator Sandals
  12. [All Servers] Anti Macro measures have been put in place. New Halloween event has started! (Sorry for the small inconvenience) New Donations (costumes for Thor) Feathered Top Hat [4] (2 on eir) Upper [Loki] "All Stats +25", "If Taekwon class: +20k HP. 10% more damage with Axe Kick and Counter Kick.", "If Gypsy: 10% more damage with Throw Arrow.", "If Clown: 10% more damage with Musical Strike.", "Every other class: 10% resistance to Deadly Poison.", [Eir] "All Stats +3", "Sp Consumption -3%.", Default Black Blue Green Orange Purple Red White Yellow Rose Eye Patch [4] (2 on eir) Middle [Loki] "All Stats +30.", "Bonus special visual effect. No Batteries included.", [Eir] "All Stats +5", Default Red Orange Blue Grey Green White Yellow Spirit of Jack [1] Lower [Loki] "All Stats +15.", "Increases resistance to all status effects by 10%.", [Eir] "All Stats +1.", Default Aqua Black Blue Green Orange Pink Red White Yellow White Witch Hat [4] (2 on eir) Upper [Loki] "Increases MATK proportional to INT.", "Decreases SP proportional to DEX.", "Ignores 10% of enemies' MDef.", "Increases HP by 10%.", [Eir] "All Stats +4", Default Aqua Blue Green Grey Orange Pink Red White Yellow Halloween Spirit [1] Lower [Loki] All Stats +15. Increases resistance to all status effects by 10%. [Eir] All Stats +3. Bat Scarf [1] Lower [Loki] "All Stats +15.", [Eir] "All Stats +4", Lynx Ears [4] (2 on eir) Upper [Loki] "All Stats +30" [Eir] "All Stats +5" ==== Pets ==== (will add effects for these tomorrow) Deathring Vampiring Ancient Mummyring Mummyring Zombiering Werewolf ================= Events ================= http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Halloween_Event_2017#Missions
  13. Thank you
  14. Feel free to post for the next days. October 19, 2017 Map 1 Doppelganger, Gibbet, Lude, Mummy, Dullahan, Hylozoist Map 2 Skeleton Prisoner, Evil Druid, Marionette, Jakk, Whisper, Zombie, Familiar, Knight, Loli Ruri, Drainliar, Quve Map 3 Flame Skull, Ancient Mummy, Ghostring, Hyegun, Raydric, Nightmare, Bathory
  15. Updates on https://discord.gg/Hn9dGxy
  16. Server on Maintenance?
  17. 6 years away

    I stopped playing long ago, shortly after my son was born, but seems a shame to leave a good game just sit there with 20 max characters lol. how much has the game changed? Did we get 3rd classes?
  18. I've told the server owner about this issue already. He's looking into what could be causing it. Just be patient and use one of our other methods of play =]
  19. So, I think its time to get the rust off my chars in thor. Im going to play again.. Any news?..
  20. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello I'm selling some Art that i made. I will add from time to time more Artwork that is for sale. If u are looking for something special or you got a request feel free to ask me. I got no fix prices. If u buy some art i will remove my name from it and add the Text u like to it. U can contact me via the Forums or in this Post right here ! Payment methods: Zeny, Coins, MVP Cards. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Example usage of this Art - Selling Shop Banner / Signatur. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Example usage of this Art - Avatar / Small Signatur. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Example usage of this Art - Avatar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Example usage of this Art - Topic Header.
  21. Hey I thank you guys so much for the advice, I'll be using it! The explaination for the RDC system was awesome and I made the Satin set for tailoring guess i'll remake the flax. I'll also try to farm the Zeny to get the items... Shouldn't be too hard... I have 5m atm. I used the week of free stuff already though which was kinda depressing I might make a new character to farm maybe a merchant... But again thanks for the help, if anyone has anything else to suggest I'd greatly appreciate it. Some of the terms are lost on me but the above examples have helped a TON. I hope to be playing a lot! Thanks!
  22. I suggest you keep farming in Thanatos Tower level 8, until you get at least 20 milllion zeny. It's not much, but with it you can buy 1 Large Blue Wings, 2X Resplendent Rings, and 4 ancient tree cards, why ancient tree? Because you will use them in Biolab Basement 1, the best place to level up until max. Like blueMagus said, Flax set is your basic gear. If your friend is determined to tailor, he can make them. If not, just buy a full set of +7 for about 3 million zeny (or less) a piece. For the headgear, RDC helm is the second best after premium. You can configure it to your liking (Stats + Bonues) and it has 4 slots. Go to Prontera Castle, once inside, go straight up to the next room and head to the right side of the room until you reach a hallway that leads to the RDC Officers. There, you may ask other players to take you with them on their RDC runs (Drake runs are the fastest to do). Do take note that to be able to participate in RDC operations, you gonna need RDC Tickets. You will have 20 of them initially, and once you do your first operation, will require a week to replenish. You may use RDC Tags (from Eden Daily Login rewards) to get extra tickets. One tag will give you 6-8 tickets and can be used anytime. A warning though, whatever unused tickets will be forfeited when the tickets replenish. So use them all and make the most out of it. To get the RDC helm, you will need 50 RDC points (You will probably get this on your second week, if you use RDC tags). BTW, if you got the novice packages from the Newbie Items npc at the Training Grounds, you can use the gear that came with it, it's only a rental and will last for a week. Have fun, enjoy the game and don't forget to VOTE RebirthRO.
  23. The basic gears for leveling/farming gears for wizard is Flax Set (you may find this on wiki) + 4slot rod (centipede larvae cards) + replendent rings. Also, try to read this section from the old rebirthro forum. For farming, Misale made another thread for farming. You may want to visit the thread. Btw, welcome here.
  24. Buying the ff things. Please leave name and offer or pm in game Barky Bark, Barks, Alt Barks, Corgi Butt, wlvjn
  25. Hi I just started on the server for the first time and honestly there is a LOT to digest. I was just wondering if anyone could explain the best ways to obtain gear... and how to level well. I'm level 140 at thanatos level 7/8. I have 150 dex for insta cast but these guys are hard as hell to kill. Any suggestions? I had a buddy who is also new make some tailored gear and I'm using an Arc staff. ANY HELP would be amazing. Thanks!
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  27. Hi, I recently downloaded the app and it doesn't do the download all button it just crashes the game and download real time doesn't help either. Any other things I could do? Thanks.
  28. It looks cool anyway. Added more option for people to go green
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