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  2. [Eir] Fixed @changegm not working ( Coming Next Maintanance ) [Eir] Checked @mail ( Coming Next Maintanance ) [Eir] Checked Empathy Skill is bugged (after death it is no longer working) - its working fine description says it should disappear upon death and they have to recast it. [Eir] Checked Eir Quagmire not working on ET bug, but its working fine. Probably got fixed before in loki/thor fixes already.
  3. Rama told me about this bug i suggest to restart the upgrade of ALL items, because a rolll back will make all the new players leave, we have some new players and we have to think on them before us, i can gladly lose all the refines if we conserve new players.
  4. BUMP..
  5. Bug - Upgrading system has changed - Looks to be gamebreaking +10 items are guaranteed which makes it unfair, what is going to happen to all of the highly upgraded stuff that we have worked hard for over many years.
  6. Thank you so much! I need more of this kind of comment to improve this guide I love this secret. Seems fun. Imma try it soon. Btw, added the guide for this build. From the link I understand the damage of this skill is based on physical. Thankiss
  7. Hello. I just want to ask if how can I fix my problem. I wanted to play again I just remembered my old account username but I tried to guess my password and when I remember it I tried to login but it says Rejected from Server (3) Please help me. Thanks!!
  8. So, as I mentioned in another thread about returning players I told a little of my history. Played RO for 10+ years, official and a couple privates )Obviously this one was one of them). I stopped a few years ago, A got the nostalgic itch a while back and finally a short while ago I really wanted to come back to RO. I went searching every password book I could find trying to remember the couple of private servers I played on, finally stumbling across my log-in info for this one. I noticed I only had 1 high character and half done blacksmith. SO I knew it wasn't the one I played most on as I remember a lot of characters I had made, from Sinx to Gunslinger and everything in between..lol I downloaded and began playing this one a couple days ago and I guess I did miss ro because it was a joy to be back on a sniper. I did notice though many dungeons locked behind quests, especially Meka and Rachel. The thought of doing those horrid quests again sank me big-time. But also the though of the question as to whether they were account bound or character bound. Unfortunately for me, this is probably gonna hurt to ask. But can someone answer this for me? Are the quests account or character bound? I suppose I could possibly, maybe, get myself to do those things again, but being a person who likes to play lots of different characters, and no really good leveling places (That I see anyway) I'm afraid of the answer. As finding a place with a more open warper and starting over would not thrill me in the least. Still, I have to ask.
  9. Yesterday
  10. +10 valk manteau how much? PM : derping IGN
  11. BUG - RDC rewards appear to have changed and are unappealing. OCA is 20 points - I foresee nobody doing RDC if the rewards are not revisited. Previously I beleive you could choose a type of 1 hour package, now it seems to be 1, but i did not have the points to test it and quite frankly with the current rewards I have ZERO interest. BUG - Poring quest npc's are missing, I love the poring quests and think it would be a real shame to not re-introduce it, I helped countless players get through it and enjoyed it almost everytime.
  12. BUG - Missing CART NPC approximately Prontera (143,202) Would be nice to smack a cart on a whitesmith or a bird on a sniper Bug - Missing Bank at approx Prontera (150,196) SHOW ME THE MONEY, nice surprise would be to see 10bil zenny inside, wanna buy some shoes.
  13. All quest data has been lost as far as I can teel. Please with a cherry on top reinstate our quest data. Alternatively please add a shortcut to complete all quests as people like me spent, 10,000's of hours doing such quests. BUG - Equipment DEF is not adding Def I have upgraded equipment and according to the status it is not adding DEF, previously each upgrade for EIR added 0.7def per upgrade.
  14. Hello! Can you guys please make bug reports for these? This is much easier to fix than! Regards
  15. lol... tbh, this game doesn't entertain me like it did years ago.So, I shall spit out some secret before saying goodbye to this game. maybe i shall make a thread for this .lul.
  16. nuuuuuuuu why you tell them the secret..joke But yeah, try firebreath build for non-magic type. And use pragma and eddga.
  17. Sorry, I meant jormugandr card* bzzt... have been away for too long from this game lol http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Jormungandr_Card http://irowiki.org/wiki/NPC_FIREBREATH iirc, It activates lvl 3 firebreath when hit, which means 300% physical fire damage to enemies within 9x14 cells radius, with this, u can lure the mobs around without having to move too much (beside, getting mobbed will make u less mobile). And yes, with angra, the AoE damage will restore your Hp as well. N.B: ahura mazdah is not necessary, u can replace it with mazdah mantis card
  18. Nice guide Some notes though: Goal is to get 100% water resist. The squid will heal you with water attack when you have 100% water resist. - It can now? I thought it was changed, that it will just miss, not heal you. The Sign[1] - it doesn't have slot Left - +8 Vigilante Shield [1] with Hardrock Mammoth card - hardrock is an armor card
  19. Last week
  20. omg. whut miracle oh nice reminder, totally forgot this one. thanks
  21. Aha i see So i have to start killing MVP's for the rings thats gonna be interesting hehe
  22. high refined tenebrous boots celia alde card spiritual ring + rosary combo for magnus exorcismus build
  23. try putting comodo card with the angra set for CATA build and see the miracle.
  24. Same here, was playing a clicker game on Steam, reminded me of my 10 years of RO, official and a couple privates. This one was the only one I could find that I use to play. So am gonna download and see if I enjoy it as much as I did years ago. Have 2 characters on Loki, so guess I'll return there and see how things are going. Guess I could've just started on any place, but have no desire to start brand new characters until I know whether I can get the feel back, so back here to RebIrth I come. Maybe can get back in the swing.
  25. Loki! More players = better
  26. loki = for more people, but too much OP old players. thor = 3rd job eir = unsure if its going to be running up until next year. anyways welcome back hope you have a great time!
  27. #respect
  28. Suggestion for beginner equips are: Alligator Set Recondrite Rings Drooping Amistr Large Red Wings
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