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  3. I must say, I am very glad to suddenly see all my chars back after having been told multiple times that they would be gone forever. Been checking out things here and there and while most things are working nicely and as expected, a couple things have raised an eyebrow: 1) We used to have a bank npc, and I feel like I'm missing a lot of zeny, I can't seem to find bankers where I'd expect to find them so is there still a bank npc somewhere and if not, what happened to the zeny inside the bank? 2) Many town maps have guide icons in places where npcs would likely be on Loki? They are a bit distracting here and there so if we want people to return, it would be great to have a go-through of the maps to remove non-existing npc guidemarks so that things look a bit more polished compared to the in-progress look currently, I understand that this can and will take time, but I would hope no long-term decisions are made based on the current state of Eir. 3) The cast delay has already been mentioned in the thread and based on feel I'd say it seems to be on 100% compared to the 50% it used to be. This is something I'd be happy to keep as it is now, as it used to be the topic of much debate in the old days and now it would be a perfect opportunity to have it changed as everyone will need to learn their timings anyway. 4) The server seems to be running more robust and with much less desync than before, not sure what has brought this change but it's something I'm very happy to see. 5) The server-wide announcement on card obtaining would propably get very old very fast, not a huge deal but something that I personally would be happy to see gone. There's propably more that I'm not remembering right now so I'll keep commenting when things come to mind while playing. On towards commenting on the recent ideas posted by Sugar: Your points 1,3,4 and 5 all boil down to the same thing, you want to change Eir to something it has never been. (Well it might have been pre-trans for a short while but was quite quickly updated to trans classes) I don't really know who these veteran friends of yours would who would be oh so happy to jump on to Eir if it was changed to pre-trans, but I can say for the group of people I used to play with, at least 95% of them would propably be very unhappy if all the work they put towards their trans chars was suddenly thrown to the trash. Also your suggestion on removing trans classes and then suddenly nerfing all trans gear to still exist just goes beyond my understanding, Eir has already been a server where the majority of balance discussion has revolved around custom changes and now you'd suddenly want to customize half the gear in the game again? Your last point about the leveling speed and rates really shows how much you want to play on a different server than what Eir was and is now with the return. You really can't compare 100/100 exp and 50x equip rates to what the server currently has, it would change everything. For me personally the slow progress on the server has always been the key selling point and a sudden massive change of rates would pretty much devalue 80-90% of the work put into my accounts, which I would find quite displeasing and I'm sure I'm not alone on this opinion. Making WoE supplies available for pretty much free also follows along the same lines, you want a way to participate in WoE in a more equal footing for everyone, no matter how much time is invested into grinding the zeny and items needed for the supplies. I believe your aim with these changes would be to create a WoE environment which would bring more focus on to teamwork and coordination rather than time invested on the server, but in my opinion that would completely change the core of Eir to something different. Regarding your point 2, I find it quite odd that you highlight how you want veterans like you to keep their gear, which would already cause a big gap between new members and the veterans, yet you would like to wipe all the items that have taken more dedication and commitment on obtaining like god items, mvp cards etc. What is your reasoning for this selective wipe? I do agree that if the server would start to pick up activity again, the returning active players with access to the high-tier items would have advantages, even massive in certain situations, but I strongly disagree on an item wipe being the solution as it would quite likely cause many of the possible returning players to just look at things and say "oh, they wiped everything, so it's a new server, not Eir anymore, moving on..." I've always seen high-geared players in PvP/WoE/BGs as adversaries to overcome through work, not a magical item wipe to level the playing field. For the majority, those people did not obtain their gear by luck, they obtained it through persistent effort and if I put the same effort into the game, I can try and reach them as the game mechanics make it harder and harder to get upgrades the farther you get. A more appropriate measure I would suggest to be put into place for WoE/BGs would be to disable the use of MvP/miniboss cards and god items in these two environments until the server regains enough population and a spread of gear levels to be able to deal with full-strength characters.
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  5. EJ, Azie, i gots pots buyer
  6. ok just give me ur IGN so i can mail you or pm you
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  9. okay, deal... can we meet between 11.00 to 17.00 server time today?
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  11. Have to agree with Fizste. I came back after 3-4 years (wasn't easy for me dude). So, NOPE to no.1-4. Against it.
  12. The sale of the day items didn't change for 2 days now .. just Sayin
  13. Yesterday
  14. Im against idea no.1-4.. and yes i agree with no.5.. most players would wanna have easy time to level up. Previously i have voiced out that we will come back to Eir provided we keep our gears. And so we did. My guildmates came back and are happy with the current status of our characters. Soon we'll set up some merchants in prontera so that new player wont feel like Eir is a ghost town like before it was shut down like before. Instead of changing it to pre-trans, we should make the server give away treats for new comers and some benefits for both new and old players to retain them.
  15. Without proper changes to core game-play I can assure you without a shadow of a doubt, most veterans won't even consider coming back. I have tried to make this server great and marketable on more then one occasion, and most of it was shot down, now with me being your only hope to bringing back something that has been dead for so very long, I question if you really have the liberty to ignore my suggestions. Not trying to sound conceded or cocky, but I know Eir and I know what it would take to bring any kind of population back. First let's making something clear. Veteran by definition should mean: Account has been owned for four or more years, and has been dominantly active on EIR. Requirements: 1: Pre-Trans server. (Many vet's I am still in contact with, would be ecstatic to play under those changes) 2: Let us VETERANS, keep our gears, but wipe the server of ALL God items, MVP cards, and ALL Mini boss cards. 3: Nerf trans gears to accommodate with pre-trans classes, even if they are harsh nerfs, it doesn't matter. I could discuss each nerf with your team if needed. 4: Vendors for BG Supplies and WoE Supplies. 1-3 zeny each. Restricted WoE/BG ONLY. This will make WoE active again. 5: Rates: These days, active guilds from other servers don't want to really GRIND to level and gear, and they are the market we are aiming to attract. Rates need to be something like Thor, leveling needs to be easy, gearing needs to be somewhat of a grind but not too much of one. Something like Base and Job 100x/100x. Normal Card: 0.70% / MvP/Mini Card: 0.01% and Item / equips rate: 50x (There are more suggestions but that's the premise.)
  16. Add 1 more Poring Book Open Sale !
  17. im so touched
  18. i'll give it to you 67c, but nothing lower than that.
  19. At this time we aren't certain of Eir's future, we're waiting to see how many people come back before we decide what the next steps are with it. If enough people come back it may be left as is.
  20. Yeah, that's how it is right now, Lux added some stuff toBijou (skills, damage and AI), and he suppousedly was gonna make the new weapons tradeable, but he didn't. Now, Bijou's damage is fucked (the skills and AI are still there tho). I recommend ALWAYS RDC helm because you can get an extra +10mdef there and 4 free slots (plus a nice amount of hp).
  21. @Big Dumb Object @Phoenix my fellow players begging you to fixed OGH and other Instances. Dunno why you guys ignoring us(Thor). This issue is long time ago and we reported it several times.
  22. Selling the following items: PKC Thanatos Card Zozimos Card +10 Gale Bow Orbs: NResist5 Coma5 Breakfall2 Boss5 WSkill5 MsResist5 DemiHuman5 Pls. leave your offer and ingame name if interested... Thanks
  23. Let's say theoretically I could get a decent amount of veterans to come back under certain requirements, such as, not wiping any gear, and if competing guilds/players showed want to play again, they might be open to. What promises could I be given? We might be open to pre-trans classes, i need to discuss more. Suggestion: Let us keep gears, but nerf them for pre-trans. Even if it's hella nerfs, doesn't matter.
  24. Hi

    i know a manda from long ago. maybe its this guy? but character avatar is novice so yeah...
  25. 99 hdef prof, some 3 snipers or so, linker alt and thats it. Only difference is having a 4 slotted upper to get resists on. We dont even use a fokkin sinx because the boss is retarded Now tell me if this isnt a cedi party minus a priest lmao And yes thats how we filthy casuals do it. Sorry i cant be pro enough to do it your way which by the way you havent even thought about sharing to the average players that you care for so much
  26. ~welcome back see you on Loki
  27. B>>>> TGL +9 offer Tempboots +9 or +12 clean or with dex (EA4) WWmanteu +9 with FS enchant Permanent costumes Kiel card Creds = 20m S>>>> Giant Cross Bow +10 / +12 Giant Cross bow Orc Champion Helm Ancient Golden Ornament Archer skel card AK card White knight card 15m Khali knight card 15m +9/+10 Elven bow (with AK) and with not T>>> +9 GXB to your TGL +9 +10 GXB = WWsuit +10up with 3 enchant (more good have EA enchants) Pm some offers
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