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  2. Selling these: High wizard card x1 66c Rsx 3.14 x1 15c or offer +0 Harvester hat L/N or find me at ign: Plumadea (always on at night time - Asia time) Thanks
  3. Daddy Dax don't love us anymore.
  4. I finally found her.
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  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKpvjcHZy9M
  9. Mine would be "I have been healing you, asshole". :c
  10. Tag yourself, I want to be the Spite.
  11. If you read what I typed in the 1st few paragraphs above, you'd know that I recommended a few things which they can get within a beginner budget. If it's for high tier player, I never recommended anything expensive except for the Keris so you might want to retract that statement 'cos if I did, I would suggest things like a legit Brisingamen (200c) or Megingjard (~30-40c) or even a +10 Bronze Greaves (~30-50c). The rest of the gears I quoted are not even 10m zeny in market which is easy to farm if you have a basic equipped sniper or HP and farm rings in geffenia lvl 1 or lvl 3. Within 1 day, I can farm a few millions just doing that and Overcharging NPC when selling it off. =\
  12. If you like to order FORGED EQUIPS, please follow the steps: 1. Provide the name of your order by replying to this topic in the following format: [ refine no. + no. of star crumbs + element (if prefer) + weapon name ] For example: +10 Very Very Very Strong Fire Damascus 2. After that I will reply to you the quotation. Once agreed, I will provide you the item (please note that there will be no time frame for the completion of the forging request. Thanks for your patronage. JohnTailor
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  14. *laughs in lokian* I want to see this 12 Tarots a second, is there even that HoA Weapons in Eir? Sounds like they would make even more fun here. So let me sum up dis. We talk about giving a skill a higher delay which has a 40% chance of success anyways ... Sounds like a totally reasonable case. *flys away with her not helping comment*
  15. Haven't seen this in a while
  16. That is why I never argue with any illu member.. They know everything.. They make the server dead-ish.. GM and admin will always favor them.. If they say server stay as it is, GM and admin will comply.. Even when the majority demand for server roll back.. #jangankecamsaya
  17. Updated 22nd June 2017. For further negotiation, mail me through Rodex to 'Kim Agent'. Thank you.
  18. I havent bought it from NPC until i got serious buyer
  19. Thank you!
  20. I can argue everything u said, but I give up. Be it. Eir is a dead server anyway. This thread has nothing to do, but I see no future in Eir, so I decide to quit. The way we discuss just make me feel stupid cos Admin/GM doesn't care anyway. Have a great time in Eir~
  21. I'm able to reset my stats, but not my skills. I've tried twice now. Am I missing something?
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