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  2. fck
  3. Suddenly math is one of my favorite tastes...
  4. Up. And dfck val :))
  5. WB and your name rings the bell
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  7. Pass By ~~~
  8. Bump !
  9. i was totally that desperate for a shiny metagross.
  10. lol i was watching that guy speedrun halo a few days ago, small world ;x am i this desperate for a shiny tho? that is the question :[
  11. going to share this bc holy fucking shit has this been useful. enjoy ur shinies. https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/5jvlee/sunmoon_how_to_quickly_breed_shiny_pokemon_and/
  12. yes you may <3
  13. it's ok, we breed for you and by we i mean mostly connor scyther and seadra are done, woo could i get a wimpod breedject if you still have them?
  14. Meanwhile i am there playing Pokemon like a nub without any big breeding.
  15. Right elemental on bow, good damage card, perfect combination of equipment, its possible to do that kind of damage even without hatred effect <3 all you have to do is keep doing the experiment, you will find the best eq for ur self..<3 good luck
  16. in terms of battle ready pokémon i got: starmie, pelipper, a-raichu, mimikyu, metagross, alakazam, goodra, salamence, toxapex, aegislash, azumarill, porgon2(hacked WT), garchomp, a-ninetails, dragonite, organguru, alomamola, gyarados, sharpedo and golisopod . then i got even more Pokemon with perfect IV that I've yet to EV / lvl up D: and i need your help to evolve my scythers and seadra <3
  17. My in game names are Condensation and Karthuk predominantly. I do cedi quite a lot and RDC occasionally.
  18. one day q_q what have you been breeding? i worked on an arcanine on saturday, but no egg moves. gonna work on a salazzle soon, likely tomorrow. i'll be breeding a shitload of feebas once pokebank goes live, with loads of different egg moves, so let me know if you want a milotic with mirror coat/haze/hypnosis or whatever else i've been mostly just hyper training ub's/legendaries u_u i don't wanna breed when i have a plethora of battle ready mons on oras
  19. It seems that none of you actually want to talk or discuss this. I mean the point of a discussion or a poll is to express your opinions and ideas to the other side to try and reach a consensus. Since you are all so brave at anonymously voting that Obama was great and none of you actually want to defend your points, then ill just leave here saying one thing and making one point. We can all agree that we are all biased in some way. I can admit that im biased, in that even though i am Australian, i believe socialism and the left/radical left is killing America. We can all agree we each have different thoughts and are biased in some way. We should also agree that media would also be biased in some way because of this. Australian news will always portray news in an "Australian" light. Blue state news will always portray news in a certain light. Same with red states. All ill ask you is consider this, If you believe that people WILL have biases, because everyone has biases, that all the media portrays Obama as this american hero and that you instantly believe its true, then you should try researching it on the net. We can all agree everyone has bias. Google doesnt. Find out for yourself. Google just accumulates all the information that you want to search which then you can cross reference and triple check to see if its right. It wont filter anything out unlike news/media sources. Obama wasnt a great president, he is a war criminal. Among the disgusting things he has done, he just recently announced a new rule that allows the NSA to share vast amounts of private data gathered without warrant, court orders or congressional authorization with 16 other agencies like FBI, DEA and DHS. This DIRECTLY opposes your 4th amendment right, and if you dont believe me, you can look it up yourself. Socialism which is predominantly pushed by the left right off the bat violates 3 of the 10 commandments. While im not Christian or Judaism we can all agree the 10 commandments are decent/good morals to follow/live by. If you choose to stay ignorant, thats your choice. You can stay ignorant all you want, but the world doesnt stay ignorant with you.
  20. @Big Dumb Objectwhat happened to the drop rate? ww suit, urs plate and others are suppose to have 5% drop rate, now they only .50%. blood of wolf too and other mats was suppose to have 20% drop rate and how they only have 1%.
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