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  2. Is that chucky? errr nvm forgot the chick name 😄😄😄😄
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  4. How much does blue herb sell for?
  5. Some FEWDIO shorts are under 2 minutes, but there are a couple that genuinely freaked me out, like the one with the baby monitor. Let me know what you think.
  6. Oh! I haven't and I definitely will. Some short films are really good. Even in less than 10 mins you can already get creeped out. lol. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll hv a look at that.
  7. Have you seen the short horror flicks on youtube called FEWDIO? There are a few of them, I'd would check them out if you like that sort of things. They are absolutely fantastic, way scarier than full-length horror films. I'm loving those Search and Rescue stories! +1 for that!
  8. well half the server did it the first time bio4 opened and nobody cared kek
  9. you mean to abuse a bug #NoKappa
  10. yeah and remember to make new novices and walk them through bio3 so you can just endlessly spam wolfchev like what everyone is doing right now since theres a chance of mvp card dropping? or so ive heard kek more keks
  11. lets just hope... last year the event started on April 2... cant wait for this year
  12. I hope so too :3 events are like small anti-boredom pills on thor...
  13. Price Check : Pokey Card additional Question, which is better implosion card or pokey card? i am a sniper thanks
  14. updated
  15. Hallo minna! Those who know me know how much I like creepy, horror, weird stories. Horror and triller are my fav genres. Especially those with twisted endings. So I've been reading stuffs and I couldn't get my mind off them. I'll share em here if any of you are interested. And it'd be really nice if you can suggest other things for me to read/watch. Here's my recent source https://www.buzzfeed.com/annakopsky/urb-legs?utm_term=.oe1M0OkbQ#.yfgyzo6n5 Among those that really hooked me was the SAR stories from r/nosleep. It's 8 pages long with wall of texts but worth the read. You can find some interesting stories in the comment section too. Tommy Taffy is creepy too. Borrasca is a longer read. More like a (long) short story. Nothing much creepy. Just twisted effed up stuffs. I haven't finished reading. I already spent hours reading them. I've just finished My Father’s Long, Long Legs. So it says, it has variations based on our choice. I will go back to this later. I'm taking a break. Here's an old list http://listverse.com/2014/04/03/10-creepypasta-that-will-scare-you-silly/ So yep. If u guys are up for it. Read and tell me what you think. Or if you have your own story to tell. Or have other links to suggest. Or books. Or movies. Or short films. I'm up for the creepy and weird ones. That's all for now.
  16. To open bio4 required a 15b zeny or (xxx point can't remember) and 250times breaking seal quest to be done. if you wan to donate zeny for the antiques(but the donate is Alrdy Max) then u have to wait the bio lab4 closed again to donate. If bio4 didn't open u will not have any other way to donate/get antiques. Ps: so please do the breaking seal quest again if the donate max again lol, it's server wide counting.
  17. Welcome to Loki ^^ Sense of future pro in Loki
  18. ^^ guide figured with my mates that do wolf with me
  19. updated selling list. fable and baal sold. selling enchantments
  20. Misale your awesome!...lol
  21. Yesterday
  22. Just sign up help desk top left from foundain and wait gm summon u
  23. 2nd room answer is from first room the chemicals table same side with the valve remember the two answer given by the table and talk to the MVP in the middle then talk to the barrel. It will ask u for the 2 chemicals from room one and when the MVP in centre die loot the ashes and go to next room. 3rd room 4 valves u have to turn it all stopped before time up, the turning is random. To make it stop each valve have random color to turn with and until 4 valves is stopped 4th room will be unlocked. 4th room Hitting bijio til 90% stop hitting when u see the announcement of buzzing sound and click the valve with the mobs to kill it before it spawn, continue hitting bijio will speed up valve spawn, 4 sides each side will spawn one mobs in tank assurring u kill them by clicking the valve and there will announce the valve stop buzzing then u can continue hitting again note the buzzing and spawn of mobs only appearing once if u do it correctly.
  24. Bump! Now buying all white herbs for 650z ea on web market!!! Hurry this is a limited time deal! Buying up to 300k currently~~
  25. Can anyone shed some light on how to do wolfchev? I know the first room password is the names of the newer biolab4 mobs i.e "Gertie" or "Randel" or "Flamel" etc. i don't understand the room with the biolab mvp in the center and the room with all the leavers.
  26. ah shit...LMFAO
  27. Maybe specify what items and a detailed description so they know what you're talking about, otherwise there's no context to what you might be missing or what might be wrong. Are you talking about the loyal player rewards?
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