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      How To: Logging into the forum.   08/19/2016

      Having issues figuring out how to login? It's actually very simple and only takes a few minutes! Just follow these steps: Go to your Account CP on rebirthro.com Find the character whose name you want to use as a display name on the forum Click on "Actions" Click on "Set as forum display name" You can now login on the forum with either your email address or display (character) name, and your in-game password! That's all there is to it! See, simple! If you are having issues getting into the forums you can contact us on support.rebirthro.com -- you also login there with your in game username/password. If you can't register for some reason or are unable to login, email us at this address for assistance (use an email associated with the account you are having issues with if you can -- obviously if you can't register this doesn't apply).

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  2. Dat moment you just wanted have some fun while opening BCA and the whole world got offended. rofl
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  5. Pokem0n pls
  6. Good luck~ I'm taking a rest from this game as well.
  7. Well then guys, have 'fun' in woe, I ma join this Valhalla. ~
  8. bless your soul connor <3 join me in the true valhalla
  9. Bought Sterne in game. Updated Buying List Need 3x Bacso card 3c each
  10. Hey! I am from Québec, specifically on the south coast (Rive-Sud), but I come in Montréal times to times - it's an easy car ride for me. Leave me a mail on my character Sunarix on Loki if you want to further talk!
  11. B U M P
  12. Yesterday
  14. This still open?
  15. .

  16. Pm me for fluffy, cedi, or rdc. Igns: H E R B A L
  17. There should be pictures of the recolored versions huehue
  18. The moment discord escalates with the /tts command.
  19. Connor's the cleaner-cut, lighter one and I'm the scruffy dark one
  20. 120m for all your poison bottle sir. Ill be online in about 10hrs.. ign: shifudo
  21. BUMP
  22. YES it is
  23. That's Connor x Leo in real life
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    Pm me ingame IGN: Jac Bump
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