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  1. Today
  2. For reference, the next time players can donate again... I simply typed "2000" in the dialog box for 20c and got four antiques.
  3. I used SG in VIP Dungeon. Warm wind and angra, together with miracle (when procs), FSK and whirlwind attack or other splash attacks. I used GTB cause of dispel. I like flying around.
  4. Yesterday
  5. ~Stalker/Paladin - Matk build copy Grand Cross and get the vip angra spam all the way. You can't kill Alvilda with this tho but pretty much can kill the others. ~GS - Desperado them all with amistr hat you'll do good. Use cursed water for Alvilda. ~HP - Magnus them all with and ignore Alvilda. ~SinX - Get high crit. Amistr beret with kiki cards, Flamel, hardened sword, perun axe etc. Goodluck pro~ <3 PS: Get anti knockback when killing, Eddga boots to lure. GTB isn't a must but can be useful
  6. ~can someone suggest a job / tips for faster farming at VIP Dun? all i can do is normal hit / sharpshoot on the mobs. LOL * le me is Newb *
  7. Last week
  8. NPC Brian in Nieve has no reaction to me when i have sacred incense and Nieve key in inventory, he tell all the time "I truely enjoy the smell of incense" Also i bought Polar Bear Rucksack lost 35 heroic points and didnt get an item I did message on GM assistant but wanted to write here also to be sure u read this Please GM's help me with these two problems.
  9. I didn't provide how to use VIP Rewards earlier so here's the scoop. Within VIP dungeon there is a Treasure Chest that belongs to Henry Morgan. I heard pirates prefer to keep their treasure close by~ In order to exchange your Reward Tokens you need to have some zeny AND the amount of tokens the npc asks for. Else you will be killed for your attempted thievery from a pirate. Please do not open VIP Reward 1 Boxes until I post another announcement, the rest are fine to open =3 Preview of the possible rewards from each box: VIP Reward 1 Box [Again do not open it until another announcement is made] Rental or Perma Version of Alvilda's Memento or other useables that will remain a mystery. VIP Reward 2 Rental or Perma version of Destruction Wings or other useables that will remain a mystery. VIP Reward 3 Rental or Perma version of Boo Balloon or other useables that will remain a mystery. VIP Reward 4 Rental or Perma version of Zodiac Sword or other useables that will remain a mystery. VIP Reward 5 Rental or Perma version of Shipwrecked Spirits or other useables that will remain a mystery. VIP Reward 6 Rental or Perma version of Corrupted Holy Wings or other useables that will remain a mystery. VIP Reward 7 Rental or Perma version of Sword of the Dark Sea or other useables that will remain a mystery. VIP Reward 8 Rental or Perma version of Black Milestone or other useables that will remain a mystery. VIP Reward 9 Rental or Perma version of Henry Morgan's Curse or other useables that will remain a mystery.
  10. Ello Players! Sorry for the delay on getting this out to you. So as you may have noticed we had a somewhat long maintenance last night/this morning. All Servers Cash Shop Updated for new donate sales. (pictures at the end!) Premium costume item has been disabled Loki Ayothaya Woe Kafra warper location changed from 155,121 to 153,123; hope this will be more convenient for players. WoE has been changed back to Wednesday/Saturday, with all first edition castles open for the appropriate WoE it corresponds with VIP Rewards actually get... rewards, how surprising! Warrior Mask Sprite is now.. a mask instead of a pipe. Various Bellum weapons were made not sellable to npc. Excluding: Bellium Glaive, Bellum Flail, Bellum Guillotine, Bellum Damacus. Recolour Meowster is updated to have recolours for Fairy Love, Flock of Bats, Meteor Storm, Improved Diamond Dust, Sparkle Dance and Electric Aura. Bug exploit in in_rogue map has been fixed, you can no longer obtain mob drops or warp to the area via ecall/teleport/marriage recall. Frede's Request Quest should be working properly now. Please test and give feedback. Flower Collar lower now properly adds more magic damage to all races. Thor Face worm bug leg is now equippable only by Novice, swordsman, magician, archer, merchants, soul linkers and ninja. Ki Explosion now gives 5 spheres and should work as intended. Please test and give feedback if you find something different from our testing. VIP Rewards get rewards... After 400 years I'm finally- wait wrong universe Unresponsive NPCs such as Bacon Eater and WoE Kafra should now be useable! Power of Life should now work as intended. MOTD gives bacon again upon completion of the daily quest equal to heroic points. Element converters/Insignias should work as intended. Eir Fixed some missing warps in El Dicastes and mob spawns for that area as well. New cash shop items and recolours: Flock of Bats: Aqua Recolour: Blue Recolour: Brown Recolour: Green Recolour: Orange Recolour: Pink Recolour: Purple Recolour: Red Recolour: White Recolour: Yellow Recolour: Meteor Storm Aqua Recolour: Purple Recolour: Blue Recolour: Green Recolour: Pink Recolour: Rainbow Recolour: Red Recolour:WhiteRecolour: Yellow Recolour: Electric Aura Blue Recolour: Green Recolour: Orange Recolour: Purple Recolour: Rainbow Recolour: Red Recolour: Yellow Recolour: White Recolour: Aqua Recolour: Improved Diamond Dust Aqua Recolour: Blue Recolour: Green Recolour: Grey Recolour: Orange Recolour: Pink Recolour: Purple Recolour: Rainbow Recolour: Red Recolour: Yellow Recolour: Sparkle Dance Recolours Blue Recolour: Green Recolour: Grey Recolour: Orange Recolour: Pink Recolour: Purple Recolour: Rainbow Recolour: Red Recolour: White Recolour: Yellow Recolour:
  11. B>PWC ✨ B>Skoll card B>Spec⛽️ Willing to Negotiate 🤕 PWC-165 Skoll-35 Spec-20
  12. Is there an ongoing maintenance? Coz I can't see on forums or any announcement about it.
  13. 10c hbp if interested
  14. ~same thing happened on mine.. just log in your account on rebirthro.com and 'Set as main character' that fixed my server / name on bugs.rebirthro.com . . as for the reported bugs, dunno what happened to them
  15. My account becomes Eir. Im in Loki. And some of the reported bugs' status became "new" even if they were fixed from the previous maint. @Phoenix
  16. arayt then. thankies <3
  17. ~you'll just have to do the quest once
  18. So, you can do breaking the seal quest only once, and bribe the officer 10c for the two antiques? or You have to bribe the officer 5c and do another breaking the seal quest and bribe for another 5c to get 2 antiques?
  19. ~ uhmm, i dont think you can do the "Breaking the Seal Quest" atm coz the Seals are already broken. . i think you should wait for biolab 4 to close then do the quest. and for the antique part, i think it depends how many zeny / creds you donated 500m / 5c per antiques. (info given by some friends.. im trying to get antiques too :p)
  20. Lol easy baphomet costume achievement
  21. Well well well.. look what I found from Youtube. Usually I share these on Discord, but Ancy kicked me out. How to farm Bacon, bulk card and Opal.
  22. Selling: +9 Heroic Backpack a/s 12c Trident Costume a/s 25c Fallen Rose Petals Costume (Can Recolour) a/s 25c Emperor Helm/Wings/Shoulders Costume a/s 25c/25c/20c Little Devil Horn/Wings/Tails Costume a/s 25c/25c/20c Tard Mask / Rabo De Gato Tail Costume a/s 15c Sold: 2x +10 Valkyrja's Shield a/s 5c +10 Very Very Very Strong Meridien's Hardened Sword a/s 15c Fable Card a/s 35c Thanatos Card a/s 7c Hypatia Card a/s 30c Randgris Card a/s 7c +10 Great Demon Shroud a/s 12c +10 Goblin Bow a/s 7c I would prefer if you'd mail me ingame with the time of deal (Server Time) or for offers. All prices are negotiable, so you can send me a decent offer Thanks~
  23. Bio4 is about to close. I'm about to quest breaking the seal. I've read that you need to bribe the police chief for 5c or 500m to get 1 antique. If I wanted to have 2 antiques, do I have to repeat the quest and bribe the officer for another 5c, or can I just bribe him for 10c and get 2 antiques, without repeating the quest?
  24. I had the same problem earlier but i got it fixed. First, go to your antivirus program. It might be blocking file(s) that RRO has installed or patched. If you see any of them being blocked, restore it. That did the trick for me. I hope this will help you out. Good luck!
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  26. GM WEDDING ACCEPTED! Congratulations The Drought & tutuBee! -Mystery~
  27. GM Wedding Registration v2.docx
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