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  2. Unregister account

    Thank you for translation! Please send me in private message your account name, also AndRO is not yet tested by me personally, will ask someone to try it out.
  3. Unregister account

    I can log in website but in android client it say's unregister account
  4. Unregister account

    Can you login on the website? I think after you validate the email you need to login... haven't made an account in a while so I'm not 100% sure on that.
  5. Unregister account

    Translation: "I've registered already but when I tried to log in it said "Unregistered Account", is there anything else I should do after I registered on the website? I also verified and validated the account on my email and inserted the username and pass correctly, what should I do? I'm a mobile user. Thank you.!"
  6. Suggestion Thread

    Should make PayPal an option for a form of donation method.
  7. Suggestion Thread

    I'd like to see, even if temporary, a low-level quest that provides an Emperium as the reward. It would be nice to see a few guilds earlier than later. I think it may alleviate the grinding fatigue and start building camaraderie straight away.
  8. (ON-GOING) Leveling Your Character [Guide]

    I would suggest breaking it up into the individual classes. One Guide is a horrific undertaking both to write and to read.
  9. Anyone having a dilemma of starting anew on this server?

    Well... I am not a huge fan of starting out naked and broke. However, have you considered how it must feel to be the purveyor of a mature, robust and thriving RO server... and then have to start all over again from a basic distribution code base? Wow! Talk about a daunting task! All We have to do is play the game. The admins have to BUILD the damned thing... and listen to all the usual griping and all that implies -- and try to maintain a smile and good humor for the sake of promoting a positive atmosphere. I bet any one of them would trade with you. For my part... I had one of every class maxed out (except Rebellion 'cause I had left by then). I had more than a decade of spiffy donate gears, forged items, and 3 guild storage lockers over-flowing with forge/brew items and specialty gears... all gone. Meh! So what? We are all equal. Imagine getting a party together to beat the 1st three floors of Payon dungeon! LOL! And remember that Low Rate servers do not attract troublemakers. We will all build a brand new community. You, yourself, will become a founding member of something that will live past your playing days...
  10. In case you wondered which server was the real one

    JK it aint this one that's for sure
  11. Yesterday
  12. Unregister account

    English perhaps?
  13. Regarding the Double attack

    It's not.
  14. Rewards

    Hey! You got to join some of the daily events and be in the top 5 players
  15. RevivalRO's Art Renaissance

    Pretty nice art! I liked those personally, kinda my style of art. And really thank you for offering us help, we would gladly contact you if we needed help
  16. Unregister account

    Nag register n po aq pero nung nag log in na aq UNREGISTER ACCOUNT PDIN meron paba iba n ggwin pag katapos mag register? Nag try aq mag log in pero naka lagay unregister account na validate q nmn na sa email q tama nmn username at pass na Input q pa help nmn po pano ggwin mobile user po aq salamay
  17. Anyone having a dilemma of starting anew on this server?

    I said the same thing to him. We basicaly don't mind if his database outdated and even rolled back to 2017 cause it's better than start from 0. You sent email to everyone to comeback, then asking them to play from 0? who want that? I'm just saying if they really need a game that starts from 0 to kill their time, the choice are plenty. I was ready to join the server from jan 13 and played the test server, everything so nice, no lag, many player test it, and what the most people happy with is no Ancyker. This product that you selling doesn't make people happy, right now you seeing 70+ people play the server but would they stay though? Look at them, most of then still novice (hope you and your staff can figure out what is that suppose to mean?)
  18. Anyone having a dilemma of starting anew on this server?

    I do agree with ^^ I do feel like the wipe sounds about right in terms of trying to revive the server to balance sht out. But i must say, it pains me to start all over again. The amount of time and money we put on this game is just not something i can overlook. If in the future i do have time to play, i might give it a go but for now all i can say is goodluck and hopefully things work out!
  19. some server applied the patch where double attack can crit(renewal ones) is it applicable here im concerned about this because im too lazy to make two sinx for double attack and crit type ty
  20. Hello Ohh, Sori ef my Inglish is too good. I am eww heir. Putting jokes aside. First, I have something important to tell you, Syphon. I read your email and I know that you really love me. I almost cried for a whole day about it but I am very sorry that I cannot accept your love. However, I do love your old server and that is something which I really missed, big time. As a matter of fact, I think I was married to your old server all the way back to 2010. Well, I ditched Ancyker's shithole server since he took over almost 2 years ago (sorry I am not racist at all, I am probably the least racist person you will ever talk to; but that server is really a shithole). I am more than happy to come back and support this new server you are relaunching with your dearly beloved team, but the problem is that .... when I first started playing I was in the school and I have nothing better to do so I played everyday. You know, farming, PvP'ing, talking nonsense with jerk friends and such. I made a lot, also lost a of friends here (definitely not because i am racist but probably because I am a jerk), and I have definitely farmed shit tons of stuffs during those years. Now that I am working, I don't have the time to go through the same fun again as I don't have the luxury of time to spent like I used to be when I was a baby resting in my mum's pouch. Is there really no way to partially recover the accounts at all? I don't mind if they are very outdated, like even if the last restoration was 2014 or so, it still works for me. Oh boy, I don't really want to start from scratch and kill poring, fabre or little ants again bruh. What should I do? best wishes,
  21. [GUIDE: Leveling Your Characters] [Novice] When you create your character, you will be first warped in @go 15 (Training Grounds). Talk to Newbie Items NPC and she will give you the newbie package. Equip them all and open the boxes that you receive. You must get a set of items that could help you level: (Novice Angra Manyu, Garment, Clip, Ring, Armour, and the other box will have a Thick Battle Manual) I suggest that you must not use Thick Battle Manual until you rebirth. Go to Anthell Dungeon 01/Payon Dungeon 01, or if you have guts, Les Forest (Moscovia Dungeon 01). Just get your job level up to 10, then change your job. [Swordsman Path] [Acolyte Path] [Archer Path] [Thief Path] [Mage Path] [Soul Gladiator] [Soul Linker] [Ninja] [Gunslinger] [Super Novice] Hi guys. This thread is still under construction. I really have no plans to make this but I want the forums to have this one in case of new players coming. If someone will be making this instead of me, I will be glad to delete this guide and you could make the guide instead. You could also message me in Discord [Ayuanti] and give suggestions if you're lazy to make a guide and I'll continue this guide instead. But, if both options were not met, I will continue this when I have free time.
  22. Server is finally up! [Travel #2: Hello, I'm Moon the Assassin Cross] What a nice opening, I guess or should I call it... a competitive opening *o* Errrr... it was around 3:58 in Central Time, and there are 2 minutes left until the server officially opens. The discord were flooded by names, and that's where the war started... THE WAR OF NAMES!! Geez, it was really a tough war. Everybody was going for names like Winter, Snow, Star, Venus (heeeey special mention to my EX-GM friend ♥) and luckily, I grabbed a special name... Moon. And she's an Assassin Cross. Oh well. So there, my first ever screenshot of RevivalRO, where everything started from zero. I heard there were a lot of changes, but I don't really feel it that much yet. This month is also the best month to all your characters because there will be a 4x more exp bonus! For more informations about the server hype, it's here~ And for more informations about modifications/changes made in the server, click here! I really wanted to level up but I felt lazy so I ended having a lvl 92 Assassin Cross. But I guess there's a lot more days to level up~ There's no guides yet so I guess let's wait until someone makes a "How-to-level Guide" right? So that's all for the first day of RevivalRO. I am feeling tired and I need to go to sleep, so see you on my next travel post~ Love you all! Ciao. IGN: Ayuanti Discord: Ayuanti
  23. So... Put it behind you and look forward Syphon.

    ...I think we know you are going to be terrific. Something I learned playing RO for about 19 years (my daughter got me into it when she was ~13) is that RO is a Community. It's not just about the game and grinding and bragging rights. Easily half the time spent is in interacting with the players and the GMs. I made friends in Romania, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Canada and places I cannot spell the name of... The thing Ancyker forgot - or maybe never learned in the 1st place - is it's not about money and it is certainly not about Power. RO is about Friends and building a strong community. I remember RRO at its beginning. You made it great. It will be a long road but we are in it for the long haul my friend... all of us.
  24. So... Put it behind you and look forward Syphon.

    Hello, I can promise you that we are improving and that im not laying on my ass Whatever is in my power i will provide to you guys hopefully you will enjoy it! Regards
  25. Rewards

    How can we claim the rewards for the CRAZY GIVEAWAY Event?
  26. Last week
  27. I sent you a personal email but I will repeat part of it here... I played RRO for near 15 years. It started out better than incredible. For me, it ended when GMs colluded to corrupt practices with a popular guild and blew off all complaints. So I walked. Left 8 accounts and 20K in donates to the 1st player I came across. It comes as no surprise... The drama and backstabbing. Since you are going to make a go of a new and improved RO and not just lay on your ass and cry... Then I will return and do all I can to support you. I have faith in you and I remember RRO when you were at the helm. I look forward to it again. I think you will find a good many absent friends will return. TB. [aka: Samadhi, Hipshot, Tunshupo, Tei Lung and all my other guises]
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