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  1. Unregister account

    English perhaps?
  2. Regarding the Double attack

    It's not.
  3. Rewards

    Hey! You got to join some of the daily events and be in the top 5 players
  4. RevivalRO's Art Renaissance

    Pretty nice art! I liked those personally, kinda my style of art. And really thank you for offering us help, we would gladly contact you if we needed help
  5. Greetings RevivalRO Players, As well known we've planned events for Re-launch and since Re-launch is also a reset of our old server (RebirthRO), we're doing many events for fast catch up! Of course, aside from this events you may enjoy your normal freebies you receive in-game! CRAZY GIVEAWAY Events: Event Date: 17th Jan 2018 Duration: 2 weeks (Daily) Because players lost their items in this huge unfortunate process, we feel really bad and we want to compensate in whatever way we can. So we came up with the idea of giving players to choose their own reward from a list that we have prepared. You can mostly find your classes most used weapons and armors in there basically, plus other good stuff. The only requirement to get said rewards is to Win the events hold by the admins! Events should be ongoing for 2 weeks starting from 17th Jan 2018 so please be online to participate and don't miss out the chance for freebies! Did i mentioned that you can get ANY REFINEMENT on the gears you choose? (up to +10 and must be a legit item to be refine at the refiner) Refer to this list for the rewards: Gears & Items XP/Drop Rate Events: Because we know that starting over will not be easy and you guys all need to gear up and make new characters, we will launch XP and Drop Rate Events during the next month. Events Schedule: 2018-01-15 ~ 2018-02-01 Quardable XP and Double Drop rates server wide 2018-02-01 ~ 2018-02-08 Triple XP rates server wide 2018-02-08 ~ 2018-02-15 Double XP rate server wide If you have any suggestions, hate or praise please do send me a message via discord or forum. Your opinions are highly valued and thoroughly considered. We want to make it "A Players’s Server For The Players". Without you guys, there won't even be RRO today. Thank you for your patience and have fun in our new launch! See you in Loki !
  6. [Maintenance Notes] 2018-01-15

    Greetings RevivalRO Players, During the server down-time we’ve done the following Fixes: Fixed an issue caused players to stuck after Investing in Hall Abyss Fixed an issue caused Eden Missions to give infinite auto-renewal even if quest is fully leveled up Fixed mount checkup at decarder, you can now decard while mounting. Fixed issue in AFK Counter in BG caused players to get instantly punished after joining BG Fixed several issues in Kraken lair, and finally for first time after release years ago it’s finally possible to be completed Fixed Sealed MVP maps, now it would allow the usage of ahura/angra when no sealed mvp is spawned and would only show sealed warning when MVP is alive Fixed Friendly Fire issues against npcs and special monsters, especially effected Golden Hole instance (Nobby) Fixed Eden Daily quests that pointed to special monsters, now Eden Daily quests would only assign monsters that is normally spawned in fields/dungeons Fixed an issue with Golden Hole Instance that would not let you pass after collecting all the roots Content: New MVP Rooms for more info click here Removed all BCA clones and kept the original BCA, and now BCA is only obtainable from Cedi and Bacon Revamped BCA click here for more information Events: XP/Drop Event for whole month from 15th of January and until 15 of February for more information of rates click here Crazy Giveaways Events to help you gear up faster click here for more information Best Regards, RevivalRO Management
  7. RevivalRO Launch schedule

    Greetings Everyone, We're extremely glad to announce the officail launch dates of RebirthRO Re-launch Server RevivalRO, due to the very limited we had, may not all services be up by the official launch date, we will update this post with any delays or postpones. Game Server Launch: 15th Of January 2018 at 23:59:59 (GMT+2) Support Desk Launch: 18th Of January 2018 - After Weekly Maintenance WoE Launch: 15th Of February - After Weekly Maintenance Any other schedule, specific service launch notes etc.. will be written in here, kindly follow the topic for more updates. We hope you enjoy your time in Revival Ragnarok World! Best Regards, RevivalRO Management